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Is Loupedeck supported by Capture One?



  • NDTPhotos

    It would be great if you cold somehow work with the makers of Loupedeck to help achieve a more fluid interaction between them and Capture One Pro.  

    Currently it's very underwhelming compared to the Loupedeck / LightRoom compatibility which is fantastic.  I really would like to make Capture one my primary raw processor but will only be able to do this if it supports the tools I need to speed up my workflow.

    Many thanks!

  • TEK Photography


    I also use a Loupedeck CT and am disappointed by the lack of possible integration currently.

    It is perfectly possible to set up controls where there are available keyboard shortcuts, but sadly, for some areas of Capture One , e.g. Colour Selector and Black and White controls, no keyboard shortcuts exist.

    I have, as suggested above, approached Loupedeck support.  They informed me that they do not currently have access to the Capture One API (Application Programming Interface), so only keyboard shortcut integration is possible.  This seems strange as Capture One was offered as a bundle option with Loupedeck when I bought it.

    I am a professional photographer and I love Capture One.  I edit up to 1000 images on some days.  I would like to make Capture One my main editing go-to and switch from Lightroom.  However, I will not be prepared to invest in it if it doesn't have the Loupedeck functionality that makes Lightroom so efficient for my work flow.

    Please could Capture One work with Loupedeck to resolve this issue and also widen the scope of keyboard shortcuts to make customisation of the interface more complete?


    Ian Threlkeld


  • WPNL

    You might find this article interesting:

  • Koon Vega

    Hi Capture One,

    I've decided to switch from Lightroom Classic to Capture One because of the quality and performance of the app compared to Lightroom based on my research. I've been using Adobe products for 16 years but since the subscription model started, the quality and performance of the apps have been going down. So, I bought Capture One Pro 20 yesterday, there's no going back.

    Here's the thing, there are a lot of people like me that have been thinking about leaving Adobe subscription model for better alternative apps that perform better. Having Capture One fully integrated with LoupeDeck is a strong selling point to them.

    I'm in branding and advertising not an app developer, and I don't know what it takes to make Caption One works well with LoupeDeck but I know that if you take advantage of this opportunity, we'll see more people switching to Capture One.

  • Maurie Hill

    Me too!

    Want to quit paying Adobe, but am heavily entrenched with Lightroom and Photoshop BUT rely on Loupedeck+ for the brilliant interface

    I've downloaded the freebie version of C1 for Nikon and I like what I see

    You'll get me Capture One the day you can make the program work properly with Loupedeck+

  • Matthias B

    Yes please! Give them the API or what is nes please!

  • Morton


    The Controller One project looks awesome - but in what respects do you feel this has any advantages over Loupedeck+?

    It seems like a lot of work to achieve the same objective?

    And the material cost works out to be about the same as the Loupedeck+:


    Bome MIDI Translator Pro € 59,- (incl. VAT)

    + Arturia Beatstep: € 90,- (incl. VAT)

    = €149 

    Loupedeck+ = 239 €

    Difference = € -90 in Arturia's/Bome's favour

    So, a saving of €90 initially, but spending hours setting things up after purchase - is it really worth it?

    Is the quality of the hardware THAT superior, or the customization options really worth it?

    Can you do stuff with the Controller One set-up that Loupedeck can't?

    Not trolling here, just want to get a clear picture of my options and pros/cons before going either way, so would appreciate if you could share some more real-world experience and why it might be worth it going for a MIDI controller instead of the Loupedeck.


  • WPNL


    You are absolutely right for asking that question and I agree with you along the lines.
    I rolled into this project step by step because I'm interested in technical aspects and I had a spare MIDI controller at the time I was looking for possibilities.

    (I also use this controller if I'm having a mad night and choose to make some noise with FruityLoops ;-) ) 

    In my opinion Loupedeck feels like a toy compared to the Beatstep.

    I understand both alternatives suffer from lag due to not having access to a solid API.

    I am not sure what features are working on only one them.

    To be honest I would not advise one of them against the other, I guess it depends on how much time you are willing to spend to get things working.


  • Claude CAUWE

    Apparently, C1 chose another horse than LoupeDeck (which by the way works to a certain extent, PROVIDED you have a QWERTY keybaord)

    Look at this next video of C1:

  • fm

    As of June/2021, it works ok. I don't know if it's written anywhere, but one has to use the C1 profile on Loupedeck, and Loupedeck profile on C1... Explaining: Loupedeck supplies both the C1 control layout for the Loupedeck console, and also provides the shortucuts profile for C1. On C1, go to Edit > Edit Keyboard Shortcuts > Set: Loupedeck Beta. Some settings may be outdated, and some were missing. But then, these can be worked out by adding a keyboard shortcut on C1, then applying that shortcut to a function on LD.

    I was a bit annoyed by LD changing the tabs on C1, but seems that this problem disappeared after the first day. 

  • Eric Webb

    Hey FirstName LastName!

    LD changing tabs is absolutely killing me. I have my whole setup streamlined, and this tab jumping is not what I'm looking for. Curious if you did something to remove the tab changing? 

  • fm

    Lol, just corrected my name to something better than "FirstName LastName"!

    So, first thing, make sure you have installed the shortcuts profile for Loupedeck on C1 as stated on my previous post. If your LD is changing tabs, you need to search for the shortcuts "Next tool" and "Previous tool", and assign them to a shortcut that you are not using elsewhere. In my case, I assigned these shortcuts to Crtl-Alt-Left arrow and Ctrl-Alt-Right arrow. I realize that these shortcuts may be used by Windows for rotating the screen, but it's disabled on my computer. If you still have issues, just create any new shortcuts for "Next tool" and "Previous tool" using any combination of keys that C1 won't tell you it's being used elsewhere, or simply remove the shortcuts to these actions.

  • Paul Bemert

    sorry, but working with shortcuts for LD is some kind of pain. please create an API for the Windows version like the one for Mac. Thanky!

  • TJS

    I agree with the above, please create an API for the Windows version. 

  • LarryR

    Has anyone else noticed that when using the overlay feature on Loupedeck CT numerical values are not displayed on the LDCT or the overlay window?  This was not the case in a review (1 yr old) I saw on YouTube.

  • Roger Worden

    As others have mentioned, I would like to encourage Capture One to provide the Loupedeck company with a bit better integration. I am currently evaluating C1 vs. Lightroom and have a Loupedeck+. The device provides 8 color rollers, each of which can relate to Hue, Sat, and Lum. In the Lightroom integration, these rollers appear to do what we all want them to do: control Lightroom's Color Mixer.

    In the C1 integration, although the Color Editor also has 8 color ranges that work with H/S/L, there does not appear to be any keyboard shortcut that can select them. In C1's AppleScript dictionary, I also cannot find any access to the Color Editor color ranges, so there does not seem to be any way to create a custom Loupedeck mapping. So those 8 wonderful rollers are - well, not useless, but certainly not mapped in a logical way.

    This may actually be a make-or-break point in my decision to buy Capture One vs. continuing with Lightroom. People mentioned this four years ago - is there any progress on the part of Capture One to consider enabling either keyboard shortcuts or AppleScript actions for the Color Editor? Or is there a strategic direction for Capture One to not cooperate with Loupedeck?



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