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How do I change the size unit to px/in/cm/mm in the Crop tool?



  • g g

    Ahum... going to "export screen", which should be the last step of your process, in order to change the ... ratio of the photo you are working on is ... less than obvious and straightforward, no ? Not to mention that you can easily forget which output recipes you choosed, as this info is now (C1 v22) NOT a tool, thus it not possible to have it in the tool tab

    Why not puting this info somewhere more accessible ?

    The process is this one :

    - you are working on a photo.

    - your printer say "there is a 5mm margin"

    - I put the desired output size in mm somewhere in a floating tool

    - I fetch the crop tool, put it in mm, and see what 5mm margin will crop


  • Trevor sudds

    Hi, When I use the crop tool and scale the actual image the displayed dimension do not change, plus i am unable to change the setting from mm to inches




  • Petr Štecha

    I was wondering why I cannot change my crop dimension units. And look ... I have to change Export Scale to Fixed and everything is OK. Thanks :-)



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