Why aren't the Composition adjustments (Crop/Rotation/Orientation/Flip/Keystone) copied?



  • Fielder Strain

    I just spent 25 minutes trying to figure this out and finally found this. Why would you even change from the old version. What a waste of my time!!!

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  • Gabriel Matula

    Hello guys,

    For some reason, in my Capture One Pro 21 I can´t see the copied adjustments anymore. I am trying to copy only cropping and rotation adjustment from one pict to another and I am not able since this last version. Here a ps. can someone help? Thanks!

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  • Lily

    Hi Gabriel,

    Please make sure that in the Adjustments Clipboard the option Autoselect -> Adjusted is chosen from the context menu.


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  • Matt Other

    Every time I select the crop box and press copy it removes the check?


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  • James Kachan

    The UX is poor here. Discoverability is practically nonexistent.

    Lightroom's approach to how settings copy and paste is more intuitive.

    Strangely enough if you have "Adjusted except Composition" enabled, clicking to enable the composition range will work and then disable itself when you try to paste, all the while providing no feedback to what is happening here. It's a very confusing buggy-seeming experience.

    Capture One produces the highest quality images, however this here is yet another example of the very poor UX around the interface and usability of the software.

    Lightroom has many failings, but the core philosophy around how LR is structured for use is very strong, C1P would do well to adopt more discoverable design patterns, and generally speaking provide a more usable experience. Clinging to the legacy design structure of C1P is probably a mistake in 2021, and to be honest, I never found it that compelling. 

    Great image quality though…


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