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Why aren't the Composition adjustments (Crop/Rotation/Orientation/Flip/Keystone) copied?



  • Fielder Strain

    I just spent 25 minutes trying to figure this out and finally found this. Why would you even change from the old version. What a waste of my time!!!

  • Gabriel Matula

    Hello guys,

    For some reason, in my Capture One Pro 21 I can´t see the copied adjustments anymore. I am trying to copy only cropping and rotation adjustment from one pict to another and I am not able since this last version. Here a ps. can someone help? Thanks!

  • Lily

    Hi Gabriel,

    Please make sure that in the Adjustments Clipboard the option Autoselect -> Adjusted is chosen from the context menu.


  • Matt Other

    Every time I select the crop box and press copy it removes the check?


  • James Kachan

    The UX is poor here. Discoverability is practically nonexistent.

    Lightroom's approach to how settings copy and paste is more intuitive.

    Strangely enough if you have "Adjusted except Composition" enabled, clicking to enable the composition range will work and then disable itself when you try to paste, all the while providing no feedback to what is happening here. It's a very confusing buggy-seeming experience.

    Capture One produces the highest quality images, however this here is yet another example of the very poor UX around the interface and usability of the software.

    Lightroom has many failings, but the core philosophy around how LR is structured for use is very strong, C1P would do well to adopt more discoverable design patterns, and generally speaking provide a more usable experience. Clinging to the legacy design structure of C1P is probably a mistake in 2021, and to be honest, I never found it that compelling. 

    Great image quality though…



    Having the same issues here even after following Lilly's advice. Copy/Adjust still not working. Please fix or I will have to look at other editing software.


  • Felix Speller

    Simon, I've just worked out what the problem here is.

    If you have a keystone adjustment already applied to the image you are trying to copy the adjustments to (image 2), but not on the original image with adjustments (image 1) it will not reset the keystone. You have to remove the keystone from image 2, then re-apply the adjustments from image 1. I hope this makes sense?

    This is a very annoying glitch but hopefully it will help you!

  • Eli De Faria

    This does not work. After clicking on autoselect>adjusted, and selecting the crop box, it just deselects again on its own when I click copy. This is just terrible UX. I mean who the hell is designing this shit? 

  • Brian Findlay

    This simply DOES NOT WORK for me.  I have the (well and truly hidden) Auto select adjusted checked.

    I cropped a photo.  I click on the copy upward pointing arrow, I select a second photo and click on the downward facing apply crops.


    I select another and click apply - it crops.

    OK, I think to myself (foolishly).  I select the entire rest of the photo shoot, and click on apply...absolutely nothing happens.

    This kludge fest piece of software has the ILLUSION of being able to batch process the simplest of edits...but it is a lie.  If I de-select the group and choose any one photo and click apply it works.

    What spells, potions or incantations are required to do this simple task in Capture one pro 20?





  • Jon Van Gorder

    It's been a long long time and the Copy and Apply function for Cropping and Keystone is still broken on MacOS with Capture One 20-22.  I need to apply the same Crop and Keystone setting to multiple images along with exposure and color adjustments.  The Crop and Composition checkboxes automatically deselect each time you try to use the feature and Auto Select Adjusted will not work with Composition. The Styles workaround is not efficient, perhaps we could go back to the way it worked in earlier versions?  It's odd but C1 doesn't seem to think photographers need to do this but many professionals do. 

  • David Helsby

    It's been driving me nuts too! Have a look at this YouTube video - it worked for me!


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