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How do I edit images scanned in grayscale?



  • Tilman Lothspeich

    Crisscrossing levels might help to work with negatives, or is there another suggestion?

  • J R

    Will support for grayscale every be added? I love capture one, particularly the performance. But when I'm scanning medium format B&W negs at 60mpx, converting them all to RGB costs a bunch of disk space. It would be great to see some form of grayscale support in Capture One - even if it's just an auto conversion in memory (etc) when a grey image is loaded.

  • françois xavier TESTU

    If you work on a Mac:

    1 Scan your pictures in Grey levels

    2 Open the scanned pics in Preview => File + Export... I guess it reads so (my soft is a version French, sorry)

    3 Choose for exporting: HEIC format (move slider to "Maximum quality" beforehand) 

    4. Import your picture in C1. Then, you're able to adjust it.

  • Charles Nyst

    Indeed the HEIC format allows for adjusting; not the assigned RGB profile.


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