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  • Yogan Naik

    worst customer support ever - no response for 24 hrs . I am trying to purchase a subscription and my card is getting declined all the credit cards. No problem with the issuer when I check with them. 

    FastSprint does not respond. I have to deliver pictures to my clients and I am stuck with the subscription please help me with a resolution quickly. 

    Fast Spring: details

    Support Ticket Number: 01117935
    Subject: Consumer Support - General Inquiry


    thank you


  • Blaine Leckett

    Is there a way to manually revalidate the subscription? ie I will be in very remote areas for 2 weeks with my MacBook doing photo shoots with no internet connection (except sat phone) and will be using/needing Capture One daily.

  • Den Denyer

    I am often working away, and away from internet connections and venues with no internet (And often power) - This is a real problem and is currently a roadblock to upgrading to the latest version via subscription :| If the laptop is dragged out of storage and onto site without a preflight, does this mean I'm simply locked out?

  • Dave Lorde

    When I try to log in, I get 'No more free updates for this subscription' and it won't let me continue. But I don't want any more free updates...

    Meh, I'll just get rid of it.

  • Siegfried Eschen

    you need a new definition of customer: `the stupid one who pays well for bad service` Have a look at the grave yard of firms like yours! Look for a human being who answers customer questions ha, ha.


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