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Capture One 21 (14.0.1) release notes



  • Sin Wai Ho

    Do the lens support list continue to expand, for instance Nikon and Canon?

    I am quite disappointed as there didn't have increase of Lens support in Nikon and Canon. This hinders me to upgrade to Capture one pro 21.

    Moreover, when will Capture one pro 21 support Z6 II and Z7 II?

    Many Thx  

  • Dylan Bauer

    Is there any timeline as to when we will see support for the z6ii and z7ii? I have asked a few times and not received any response.

  • James Rowan

    I just noticed that the minimum requirements for Windows no longer states Windows 7.

    I'm still using Windows 7 at the moment and was wondering if Capture One 21 will still work properly and be supported for the time being? It seems to be working OK for the moment. Will it eventually not work on Windows 7?


    J. Rowan

  • Lily

    Hi James,

    The latest Capture One versions may still run on Windows 7. However, any bugs discovered on any version after Capture One 20 (13.1.3) when using Windows 7 will not be reported to R&D.

  • Dragan Djelic

    In official press release you state that "It is recommended to migrate images from 4.x, 5.x., and 6.x to version 8.x before opening them in 21."

    How to migrate images from old versions if I only have CO21 installed and activated?




  • Lily


    Which version of Capture One did you use previously?

  • Dragan Djelic

    Hi Lily,

    I upgraded to CO21 from previous version (CO20), but I think I might have found the way - to install CO8 as trial, upgrade the engine and then use CO21 with its processing engine. Do you think this might be the solution?




  • Lily


    If you used Capture One previously, there is no need to upgrade the engine.

    This should be done only in case you were using Capture One 4, 5, 6 before the upgrade to the latest version.

  • Nigel Witts


    Capture One 21 is extremely slow when using Alt+Del at least 25 seconds Capture One 20 was instant any ideas?


  • Heidi

    I upgraded my Capture One 21 Pro to version 14.0.1, but I still have problems exporting jpg files (see attached photo). Sometimes it helps if I change exporting options (or restart the whole program) and try again, but it seems like these kind of export results come very randomly.

    Sometimes I also get this error when I try to export:
    Error [mask handle error - 61 - resMaskHandleError]

    I hadn't these problems at all with Capture One 20 Pro.

  • Lily

    Hi Heidi,

    Thank you for the comment.

    Please submit this information as a bug from here -

    Also, please provide more details and screenshots in there.

    Please indicate your operating system as well.

  • Dragan Djelic

    OK. Thanks, Lily.
    All the Best!

  • Dana Goldstein

    Hi I have a question specific to 21 and DNG support. I shoot the Fuji GFX and before Cap1 supported it, I converted to DNG as a workaround. In 20 and previous, I was still able to open those files. Now in 21 I'm getting the ? and the "unsupported file" message. Is it possible that Cap1 21 did away with supporting these? I thought the whole point of DNG was that it could be read sort of universally. I would appreciate guidance to being able to access these again without going outside Cap1 to do so. 

  • Lily

    Hi Dana,

    Which specific product variant of Capture One do you have? Is it Pro or for Fujifilm?

    What specific camera model do you have?

    Please attach a screenshot of what is shown in Capture One after you import these files. 

  • Mikhail Davydov

    It's been almost a month since version 20 supports BigSur 11.1.

    It's seems that you are working on native M1 support for 21 and therefore support for 11.1 is delayed. Is there a possibility for a sooner intermediate support of BigSur 11.1 on CO 21th before native M1? 

    I have a hanging project for which I need GPU drivers available only on 11.1 and surely working CO21 on 11.1 (can't go back to CO20 as DB is already migrated to CO21)

  • Jason Keen

    When will M1 support come?


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