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Capture One 21 (14.1.0) release notes



  • David Roy

    Just to add Tim, while I don't speak for the Capture One devs I do understand their progress can't be as quick as Adobe on this. For Adobe they are already on the Metal API and had iOS applications giving them a head start.

    Now Capture One could have been there if they had developed a iPad app(frequently requested), as that would give them an app with the core tech already ported over. 

    However, Capture One is coming from a point where they are still on OpenGL/OpenCL and perhaps using a lot of older libraries that aren't ARM compatible. In essence, I strongly believe M series Capture One is going to also come with a iPad application and is going to be at least a large partial rewrite. I least I can't imagine they are going to rewrite large areas of the software and leave in the deprecated OpenGL/OpenCL code.

  • Tim Stephenson

    Thanks David - that would possibly go a long way to explaining the timescales and the slower performance.  Always a challenge when technology moves on and unfortunately technical debt doesn't tend to solve itself without investment & effort. 

  • Tom Lim

    Under Bug fixes Mac, the following is listed twice:

    Fixed an issue where Heal Layers could be missing from exported images when using an Apple M1 machine


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