Style Brushes



  • Barry Benowitz

    yes very helpful


    Now can we please right click a photo and email it?

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  • Marcin Wilczynski

    Very good idea. Thanks.

    As I can see it doesn't work with the Magic Brush. Would be great to have this feature with the Magic Brush.

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  • Klaus Manns

    Is it possible somehow to assign keyboard shortcuts to style brushes? I find it still cumbersome to select the style brushes from the menue first and quickly apply several effects to one image. Currently the most efficient way is to select one Style Brush and go through the images to apply that effect, then select another Style Brush and go through the images again and so on. In case you would want to finish each photo one be one then you would have to select the style Brushes quite often, which is inefficient without keyboard shortcuts.

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