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Capture One 21 (14.3.0) release notes



  • BeO

    In addition to what's been said above regarding the export functionality I need a QUICK way to SOFTPROOF different profiles, i.e. one click to change profile. One click, not two clicks as with the new proof icon.

    And I softproof WHILST I am editing, not just before I export, so the proofing recipes and the editing tools should be very close together (not farther away).

    This WAS possible with the proof profile set to "Selected recipe" in combination with the process recipes tool in the output tool tab, or even as a floating tool together with other tools floating (e.g. exposure or color editor) i.e. visible and accessible at the same time with just a mouse or pen move away.

    Please give me back this possibility.



    The application designers of the previous versions even had this "Selected recipe" option as the default for sure knowing the power of this setting together with the possibility to change the selection of a recipe by just one click.


    If you bring this recipes back as a tool you can even improve it by somehow separating print profiles from export profiles, or don't export with printing profiles even when selected, as you would never want to embed a print profile into an exported file; there is no such use case as far as I know.

  • kai

    CaptureOne 14, my impression after several version upgrades and updates: A few thoughts ...


    1. bugs are not (never) fixed in the current version via update
    2. some bugs are completely ignored
    3. customer loyalty is based on the user's hope to get rid of annoying bugs with the new version purchase.
    4. version 14 still does not boot, no matter which computer and whether a “clean install" was made or not
    5. the support is ridiculous and only blurts phrases ... blah, blah, blah
    6. the software is overloaded with "gimmicks" and becomes more and more user-unfriendly (an example is the import-export function)
    7. bad programming is clearly visible in the "busy" gyro which is almost always displayed, even on the fastest Mac's.
    8. far away from streamlined, effective and fast
    9. only pure sales marketing behavior like: buy the software, we have new features ... 
    10. better would be: buy the software because it works better than the one from competitors, that would be a self-runner, a game changer

    The key question is, if the truth is that a lot of customers are unhappy, why do they still buy and use the software?

  • Julian Foglietti

    Really? You got rid of the output tab????? Are you nuts??? Thanks for removing usability from an app, this one thing has completely fucked my Ecom workflow. Just because you add a feature, doesn't mean you need to take others away, at least give us the option still….

  • Amber Simith

    What rationale could there possibly be for eliminating the Output Tool Tab? Why on earth would you use a pull-down menu bar option instead of a straightforward and elegant one-button procedure button? Get all game cheat guide to this blog The software routinely destroys layers after moving a session folder from a tethered laptop to a desktop computer and starting the session for the first time, but I didn't notice anything about that in the Bug Fixes, either. This has been a MAJOR ISSUE ever since C1 v20 was released, but you guys pretend like you have no idea what we're talking about, or at the the least, that it's not a major deal. Let me tell you folks, it's a huge deal! I recently shot a gig, and some of the files had 6-8 shots.


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