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Capture One 22 (15.3.3) release notes



  • Propheticus

    FYI, the proposed [help > check for updates] to update does not work. 
    (why is this still suggested while it's a known issue?)

    Get your download from your account's download page:

    "Fixed an issue where layers could not be rearranged"
    Great. Too bad their order is however still not saved and reset after you restart C1.

  • David Marques Neves

    No support yeat for Fujifilm XF 33mm f/1.4...

  • Kai Bernstein

    Hey guys, thanks for the update. Unfortunately, shit really hit the fan with this one. After making adjustments and everything is looking good I wanted to export the files, but I have major bugs doing so on my macOS 10.14. First off, the images are completely over-exposed/ way to bright but also have different very weird artefacts on them with every new export. Looking completely different to the in-software look. That's not a color space or proofing or whatever issue. It's simply buggy. Some images work, and some do not. No matter if they have "Adjustment Layers" on them or not. Since I needed to fix it, I installed C1 on my Windows (latest version) and turns out I can't even open the Library tab. I found a workaround by dragging the folder into the window and suddenly they pop up but that can't be a long-term solution. At least, for whatever reason, the exact same files as on my Mac are exported fine. But oh boy, what a journey. I fought with this for a day while being totally stressed in my job. Idk. Not good.

  • Roman Oberleitner

    And once again, where is Pentax K3 III support ... now also removed from the upcomming support site.


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