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Capture One 22 (15.4.0) release notes



  • C-M-B

    Could you please(!) provide a download link to previous updates like Capture One 22 15.3.3?

    I seem to have encountered a bug where the camera connection drops after standby mode and does not reconnect automatically afterwards. I have to re-plug the cables and restart the camera. With 15.3.3 that did not happen but there's no possibility to get that version.

    If I click on "Download Previous Versions" I can only select CaptureOne 21, 20, .... but not the previous update from the current version.

  • Jack W

    Hi @C-M-B – please reach out to support and let them know about the issue you are experiencing on the current version. They will also provide you with 15.3.3 and I'll look into getting the website updated. Sorry about that.

  • C-M-B

    Thank you Jack, I've already reached out and Support was very quick to help! (my thanks again to Nikolaos!!)

    It'd be really helpful to always have access to at least the previous version so that any potential bugs in the newer versions won't be as much of a problem)

  • Gérard Dion Gérard Dion


    J'ai fais l'achat d'une licence perpétuel de capture One J'ai eu un problème et j'ai été obligé de tout effacer et je veux revenir sur cette version 15.4.0 je crois. J'ai un Nikon Z9 et ça fonctionne bien ,mais je suis dans l'impossibilité de le téléchargé cette version qui fonctionne ,dois je faire une mise à jour pour et combien cela me couterais

    Gérard Dion


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