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Smart Adjustments



  • daniel Valverde Bussot

    When I work connected to a NAS, via LAN, and I have a photo that I want to "set as reference" by clicking the corresponding button, nothing happens, the photo does not appear in the box and everything appears disabled. No dialog box comes up either...... Am I doing something wrong?


    Somebody Knows If Exist Shortcut To Apply This From the Keyboard?????

  • Ashley Avila

    When I set the image as Reference after I have edited it to how I like, I also save it as a style. When I use the style to edit other images, the saturation and exposure consistently changes from original image edited. All the edited images are almost the exact same in editing (varying slightly…which I totally understand). The group of edited images are all slightly less saturated and less bright than the original image and the way I wanted all the images to look. What I am missing? I have tried countless different combinations trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. Only the white balance and exposure change a good amount from the original and all the other are pretty darn consistant. Please advise. Thanks!



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