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New License Model: Changes to the way licensing, updates, and upgrades work



  • Bill

    Henk de Haan  Thank you to the EU for protecting our rights.  We would never get such consumer focused legislation in North America.

    This has got to be a huge game changer for Capture One, especially now.

  • Will Rabinovich

    Unlike many here, I switched from Lightroom to C1 before LR went to a subscription model. I switched because I felt that C1 was better software. 
    Five years ago, when I switched, C1 had better raw conversions, real mask layers, color grading, the advanced color editor and a cleaner UI.  On the other hand, LR had a better DAM with stacks, much better print and soft proofing, HDR and panoramas. 

    in the years since I switched LR has systematically added features that have almost completely eroded C1s advantage. They added color grading, a profile system that allows me to get color conversions I prefer, and, most impressively, a masking system that is just light years ahead of C1. The ability to do composite masks is huge. And for those dismissing AI masking as a gimmick, all I can say is I’ve tried it, and while it doesn’t always work, it is successful most of the time. Watching the masking pick out not only people but parts of people is amazing. 

    C1, on the other hand, has spent the last 5 years squandering its lead. Year after year of incremental improvements have taken their toll. Now, aside from a better UI, they offer no advantage to me over LR, and are way behind in most respects. When you did add competing features like HDR and panoramas, they were poorly implemented and never fixed. 

    When C1 23 came out, I decided not to buy an upgrade, but to purchase an LR subscription, run C1 and LR against each other for a year and then decide on a package next year. C1 s decision has made my task easier. I am moving back to LR. Put in terms that C1s CEO may understand, you simply don’t offer a value proposition to me, and I have no faith that you can compete with your competitors. I expect you to have to continue to raise prices as you focus more and more on a small group of niche customers. If, as you claimed, 80 % of your customers were already on subscription, I expect your decision to be a net loss of income.  I fully expect perpetual updates to cost close to the full purchase price of the software, with perhaps a small discount if you upgrade every year. I don’t expect many takers among your current perpetual license customers. Your subscription costs are not competitive with the value of an Adobe photography subscription, so I don’t expect many perpetual customers to go that way either. 

    So for me, it’s goodbye 

  • Jürgen Hermann Krause

    So, where is my comment?? I submit it, but it dindn't show up here... Fortunately, I made a copy before:


    Like many others here, I feel overcharged, but maybe C1 shoots itself in the knee with it? I would like to see. I avoided the Adobe way when they introduced their SaaS model and I am still working with Photoshop CS6 - I didn't miss much in ~10 years (yes, I tested the current version). The greed grew bigger and bigger in recent years and sadly C1 ist going the same way. But there are exceptions, look at Serif's Affinity Photo. I just bought the whole new v2 suite for just 119 € and guess what? It looks really good!

    The second issue for me to move away from Adobe to C1 was a new camera. And this is the main issue, since the beginning. The camera manufacturers blackmail us with with their proprietary RAW formats, and so do the software manufacturers. One could also say they form a cartel.

    When I take my 40 year old negatives to the darkroom I am able to print anything like 40 years ago. Digital photography is here for about 20 years. If technology moves on this way I doubt that I can process my old RAW files in the future. Photography and software companies should develop a responsibility to keep our photographic heritage. But it seems that all they want to do is make more money. The deluge after me.

    I have no problem paying for good software, but not on a subscription model that deprives me of my work if I can no longer pay the subscription. And guess what? The problem is bigger than you might think. It all starts with the compulsion to activate the software. Even if you have a perpetual license you are blackmailed. Will C1 activate the software in maybe 30 or 40 years, when my kids want to work on my photos? Will C1 still be there? Some months ago my C1 installation with a perpetual license suddenly "thought" it was a subscription license and C1 stopped working. The support could not really help me and finally I had to remove everything of C1 from my computer, reset the activation in my account, and reinstall everything. I'm a professional photographer and for my time spent on this issue they should have compensated me at least with a free upgrade - that would be customer service.

    Sure, I will continue to use my C1 22 license. But only to the point when I buy a new camera. I haven't made the jump to mirrorless yet, still use my D850. But if I stay with Nikon I maybe get the rumoured Z8, I find the Z9 too big. So, what to do with my software then? Buy another overpriced license of C1 with unknown future support and angular moves in terms of licensing? Go back to Adobe? Probably not. I find open source software more and more attractive. There is Darktable, there is RawTherapee. I will evaluate them in the future. Maybe donation for open source software will be the better investment?!

  • Medea Pers

    I am a pro and participated several times as a beta tester for CO. Since CO version 20 mainly to see what the new features would be. It annoyed me that CO didn't tell their customers who were not a tester, what the upgrades included. Buying something without knowing what it is? From that point I began to distrust the company. I also was annoyed by the prices of the latest upgrades. And now we got this. I agree with almost every reaction here. Probably CO think, well if we loose a certain percentage of customers that is not too much, our profit of the new policy will end in the plus. Not very wise. Subscribers will also see that CO is losing trust and that what they pay is much higher than  PS and LR together. Anyway I'm glad that I did'nt buy 23. And I won't. The effect of this all is that I begin to look for alternatives. Good work CO. 

  • Richard Reader

    @Christine Monberg
    "Richard Reader... When a new paid version is released, we don't backport bug fixes to older versions. So really nothing is changing for customers who buy before February 1st."

    But that is the issue. When I bought C1P21 I knew I had one year of bug fixes, at the end of that year I bought C1P22 and another year of bug fixes. If I buy C1P23 (v16.x.x) now or after 1st February, I'm not getting a year of bug fixes (or at least I'm not getting them until the next version), I'm only getting them until 30th September. After that what happens? Your new system suggests there will be more frequent upgrades which need to be paid for and, in turn, that suggests that should a customer buy-in to an upgrade they'll get the fixes, but that will be only until the next upgrade which again needs paying for.
    So far all Capture One communications have only referred to v16.x.x, no mention of a v17. For all we know a v17 might not appear until 2025, so no bug fixes for v16 licence holders until then after 30th Sept? An older version used to mean the difference between, say, C1P21 and C1P20, or v15.x.x and v14.x.x, but your new model suggests that v16.4.1 will be considered an older version than v16.5.1 and bug fixes will need to be paid for even if a matter of weeks exists between them. The whole thing is so unclear.

    As you say, we can't expect businesses to maintain their same practices and models over 5 to 10 years but we can, and do, expect them to communicate openly with their customers, and with clarity. This thread is clearly demonstrating that this is not happening.

  • Sascha Schlachter

    @Christine Monberg

    Thanks for replying (even if this thread is starting to get overly complicated to follow)

    This is what you said:
    Right now; If you upgrade perpetual license to a subscription, you don't have access to the perpetual anymore. But you have always had the option of owning both a subscription and a perpetual license. I hope that clarifies it - if not, feel free to create a ticket with your specific question.

    So from now on: I can continue to use my perpetual license (whatever the version) or choose to upgrade to newer versions by subscribing to a yearly plan and therefore LOOSE the ability to using a software I have paid for.
    Now this is very clear! No need to contact you individually!
    You guys nail your coffin, congratulations!

  • Class A

    Sascha Schlachter

    You don't "LOOSE the ability to using a software I have paid for" as you've put it.

    There is a difference between buying an additional licence (e.g., a subscription licence) and upgrading an existing licence to a new one. Only in the latter case you'd lose your existing perpetual licence if you upgraded to a subscription.

    If you buy an additional subscription, you won't lose anything.

    BTW, nobody will have to change to a subscription to get new features in the future. There isn't really all that much that will change with their new model.

  • bernhard sanders


    Somehow it is fascinating how you try to justify these, in my view, disastrous communicative and strategic mistakes.

    Yes, almost all of us writing here were or have been loyal customers and users for many years. Yes and i repeat that : Loyal customers. As a "reward" for our loyalty, camera specific versions have disappeared and upgrade prices have increased massively (and way above market levels).

    Then you announce that there will be no more discounted upgrades from Q4 onwards. Even more, at the same time you promise to deliver upgrades when new features are ready. This could also mean that you deliver upgrades 3 or 4 times a year, which are then to be paid for each time with a completely new licence.

    At the same time - and I beg your pardon for the expression - you waffle something about a "loyalty programme" without any detail. Are you so naive to believe that we - as loyal customers for years - have not understood what you mean by "loyalty programme" - namely the disappearance of camera-specific versions and massively increased upgrade prices. So why should we have any confidence in the "loyalty programme" from Q4 23 onwards. Are you so naive to believe that we all will wait another 5 weeks for details ?

    Of course - so far your system has largely worked, but even when upgrading to V22 there were doubts in my mind about the pricing and irritations in connection with Black Friday deals, but unfortunately I had already bought the upgrade then. I noted this with a ticket to no avail.

    With that experience in my mind I am able to actually listen and understand - ergo, this time I did well without an upgrade. Because with a little imagination it was foreseeable that there probably would be more anger coming from C1 side.

    Anyway - then came the "shitstorm", a perfectly understandable form of resistance and anger about something you have caused with your new licensing scheme. THIS WAS NOT the fault of the many loyal customers, but something you came up with in your ivory tower together with your investors.

    Sure, accidents can always happen. And if you speed into a bend, you should not blame the bend or think that you have misunderstood the bend - no, that cannot work.

    In this respect, it seems to me that the pitiful attempts at explanation are rather a hindrance to convincing a judge - in this case the customer - of your innocence. Generally, this makes the situation worse and does not serve to restore trust.

    Perhaps - and if you would listen and understand - it would be time to say: Sorry, we made a mistake. We have caused trouble. Above all: Thank you, we have learned, and we will offer a brand new and simple scheme:

    Perpetual licence: € 250.--

    Annual upgrade (from date of purchase !): € 100.-- (valid for 1 version jump, e.g. from V16 to V18, after that a new licence is necessary).

    Bugfixes: directly after bugfix € 0.--  same with new cameras/Lenses

    No more Black Friday and other deals - the customer would recognise the value and that C1 cannot be available at a "junk price".

    Subscription: I don't care, I won't get into that.

    That would be a clear move, and I think that would be a concept for C1 that could restore lost trust. That we as customers, who would much more love to deal with our photographic effusions with the help of an admittedly very good programme.

    Otherwise, many of us, and definitely me, will only have the option of looking around at other manufacturers. They also have good RAW converters - some have already been listed, I want to add PhotoNinja, which I find really good, and SilkyPix, but I'm sure there are others or new ones are being added or going to a higher level.

    For this reason too - nothing beats fair and above all long-term customer loyalty.

    Please do not forget - you might be able to sell everything - but for sure you can not sell loyalty or a loyalty program. Loyalty is the answer of happy and satisfied customers to a company who listens and understands the customer. Loyalty is something we can give back to a great and trustworthy company to create a long term relation.

    So - think about your way, especially from the customer's point of view. You want to sell us something and you should really understand our wishes and our anger and not just justify your way step by step.

    And an other request: Please do not try to tell us that you do not know about your plans of a so called loyalty program - a company like C1 have definatelly long term strategies and plans - be they erratic or not.

  • Alejandro Herrera

     When I got this year's "introductory offer" email for upgrading to 23, I knew shit would hit the fan with the customer base.

    At some point, as customers, you just can't have a dozen subscriptions, without feeling cheated into paying for something which you clearly don't have any ownership, or control over. Of course we don't own the software when we buy a perpetual license, but you do it because some people believe in having the freedom to use software anytime, anywhere, afterwards, no strings attached. You pay for a perpetual license for the same reason you eventually make the effort to own your own place. You made people upgrade for C1 23, and now you're telling them, well, you just got less than a year for feature upgrades? How can you be so out of touch with your loyal customers?

    I bought a perpetual license five years ago, because I believe in the power of paying for something in full, and to simply walk away and move along. This concept seems to be lost in the modern world. I upgraded from 21 to 22, not because I needed the features, but because I wanted to support the development cycle of your software. I walked way from Adobe years ago when they started pushing this same narrative. It is not sustainable. Just have a look at streaming platforms. 

    In all fairness though, I have yet to meet all the photographer that use all of the powerful features that these new versions offer. If you're a professional working photographer, you most likely have figured out your workflow years ago, and you don't need to be upgrading every year. FOMO is the real pandemic in these times.


  • Weldon Thomson

    “To everyone: If anyone has any specific questions, we are happy to take them in the support channel, which makes it easier to address individual cases.”

    In other words, it appears that: C1 doesn’t want to deal with answering OUR questions and concerns, publicly, for the benefit of ALL who share them.

  • Louw van Staden

    The elephant in the room is this: what will Capture One charge per upgrade/new feature after 30 September 2023 for perpetual licence holders. All you have to do is look back at what has happened over the last few years. My gut and history tells me that it is going to border on the ridiculous side of the equation, so that the only real alternative will be to go for the subscription licence. That is the end goal, to completely phase out the perpetual licences. 

    Capture One will find a way of spinning it, indicating that, it was obviously what all their customers asked for and wanted. Watch this space.    


  • Chris

    I have just heard Paul Reiffer about the licensing thing. I just sadends me, how it is spoken about our concerns

    "weird point" and so on.

    CO has had some problems in the past and this change makes "the barrel overflow" as we say:

    - Bad support since some years. I know persons, who never got an answer to their problems

    - Therer a known bugs, which are NOT fixed for years for the windows plattform

    - very steep price increases together with yearly upgrades, which did not add much in the last two years compared to competition

    - no real interest in what customers have to say and think (see last answers: "You just misunderstood it..." NO, we can read an comprehend. As Paul just affirmed: It IS a push in the direction of subscription. There is a big and strong group, who don't want to be pushed in this direction. Get it!

    And now this licence change. THIS is the reason, why our reaction is so strong. It is the sum of all this stuff.

  • Weldon Thomson

    “We won’t be keeping it a ‘secret’ until February 1st. We’ll make sure the details of the loyalty program are published far enough in advance so that you can make an informed choice, whatever it is you decide to do.“


    The ability to make an “informed” decision should have included having some knowledge of your planned changes prior to our recent purchases.

    This is the deceptive business practice that bothers me, and I suspect many other users, the most. I’m guessing that the delay in providing information on your “loyalty” program, and other aspects of your announced changes, is an attempt to make it look as though these changes were not foreseen, but I cannot imagine anything that would convince me these changes have not been in the works for many months - In my experience, most businesses simply do not work that way.

  • Jean-Claude Cajolet

    I am very happy that I haven't paid this upgrade at a very high price for what it's given. I am not a professional and I don't need what it's offered in this upgrade. The cost of C1 is now prohibitive compare to others and already I pay for LR and PS because I need PS. C1 doesn't realize that a base client is a golden mine, in just few days they have destroyed the work of years of hard labor. The pricing is not adjusted compared to the others, with a full licence the upgrades must not cost more that a 75$US per year. But for now, the gluttony of C1 is bringing them a very bad indigestion. C1, I hope you will think about what you are loosing, the trust of your base client, bring a viable solution where we'll feel respected and especially something to show that we can trust you. I am a client for many years but if no interesting propositions are coming, I won't pay anymore and I'll stay with PRO 22.

  • Ian Farlow

    I received an email from support this morning in which Christine attempted to answer some of the questions that I posted on this topic. Unfortunately, in the end everything is less clear. For example, in her email she stated:

    "We operate under EU law so we offer (as always) 2 years of warranty (as per EU consumer law). So if anything breaks that prevents you entirely from using Capture One, we will backport a fix or provide you with a free new version.”
    This seems to contradict this, taken from this article on the Capture One web site:
    "You will receive bug fixes (16.x.x) up until a new paid version (16.x) is released.”
    In other words, I buy version 16.1, as an example, and then I would have to buy 16.2 when it comes out. That’s bad enough, but what about if 16.2 fixes bugs found in 16.1? According to the web site, I would still have to buy 16.2 to get those bug fixes, meaning that if I stay on 16.1 I will have reduced functionality due to those bugs as a result of bad design and coding.
    So, how does the EU law and two-year support factor into this scenario since the web site makes it clear that I will NOT receive bug fixes unless I continue to buy the latest version of the software? I’m going to guess that Capture One won’t define bugs as something that “prevents you entirely from using Capture One.”
  • Dmitry Yaraev

    @Christine You are saying “When a new paid version is released, we don't backport bug fixes to older versions. So really nothing is changing for customers who buy before February 1st.”. But this is exactly what will be changed. The current release cycle is one year, so we receive bug fixes within this period (usually around a year). But you are going to change the release cycle. For how long will you support new versions after February 1st?

    Will the current version receive only bug fixes or for example support for new cameras/lenses? The same question about future versions.

  • Steve Oakley

    The reasoning for subscription is consistent with Adobe - a publicly held company subject to SEC rules and inept lawyers. There are terms about adding value to software and complex accounting that means you have to push some revenue into the quarters when those features are delivered. So the clues are obvious : planned IPO or acquisition by publicly held company. CO is simply setting this up to happen in 4th Q 2023. I have no insider info, just putting publicly announced info together with a touch of logic. All consistent with the new owners looking to make money only and utterly not caring about the fact this company provides tools that people use in their daily lives to run their own businesses. maximizing their cash out which is ok, but have some concern about who gets the bad end of the deal. Problem is this is blowing up on them the wrong way otherwise they say what the "loyalty program" looks like right now. Clearly they know its not going to get a good reception, and maybe CO is totally rethinking the firestorm they set off and walk this all back as the bad idea it is.

    FWIW this all got my to try a trial of d-xo, which is 30% less than the cost of a full ver of CO and was pretty blown away with it so far - faster, lightweight, maybe not as good with CC work but the auto adjustments were close to what I'd manually do so a giant time saver. I don't need the DAM features, they really get in my way and add massive data bloat to my storage and backups.

    as for paying for features when released, how does that work ? like say support for new cameras I don't use ? or panarama which is cool but I never use because I can do in other apps. Can I unbolt that feature ? can I buy just features that make sense to how I work or what I need ? thats because the main new features of  C23 were irrelevant for me. I did the upgrade mostly for M1 native support and really, bug and performance fixes. The features I could totally live without in C23.

    I'll just let my perpetual lic of C1 run as long as it works and when it doesn't, I'll have moved to something else. this is so stupid.

  • Ian Farlow

    Interesting... here's another contradiction. Compare this:

    "We operate under EU law so we offer (as always) 2 years of warranty (as per EU consumer law). So if anything breaks that prevents you entirely from using Capture One, we will backport a fix or provide you with a free new version.”

    To this:

    When a new paid version is released, we don't backport bug fixes to older versions."

    So, which is it?


    Seems C1 is trying to do some damage control in replying to some well deserve complaints but steadfast to this new business model.   They are just seeping in arrogance proven by some of the replies to customers.

    Although their software produces good results, that alone will not retain customers.  I think C1 has exited its “Maturity” stage and the “Decline” of its business life cycle has begun.  This is why we are seeing these drastic changes as an attempt to stay afloat to the tune of creating distrust with its core base. In consequence resulting in lesser revenue than expected with this change.   

    I would not be surprise if within a year or two any of the other photo software companies will buy out C1 just for the RAW Converter Technology. 

  • francois pellegrini

    @Ian Farlow, bugs typically do not prevent you entirely from using the software. Unfortunately, I am not sure there is a contradiction...

  • Ian Farlow

    Unfortunately, I am not sure there is a contradiction...

    Oh, I know. There's no doubt that they would get out of the EU law they reference by arguing that only part of the software doesn't work correctly.

  • Hans-Joachim Guhr


    ich erlaube mir, als jemand, der Capture One schon sehr lange im Einsatz hat, noch einen Kommentar hinzuzufügen. Wir ihr aus dem beiliegenden Anhang ersehen könnt, habe ich vor zwölf Jahren von der Version 3 auf die Version 5 migriert. Und im Folgenden bin ich auch die einzelnen Versions-Upgrades mitgegangen. 

    Inflationsbereinigt würde das Upgrade heute anstelle 35 Euro ca. 70 Euro kosten. Also etwa ein Drittel des heute von Capture One veranlagten Preises.

    Aber seien wir uns doch sicher, Capture One möchte, dass wir alle in ein Abomodell umsteigen um dann auch diese Abopreise anzuheben.

    Abo wäre für mich kein absolutes KO. Aber die inzwischen aufgerufenen Preise für die doch leider nur geringen Verbesserungen sind ein KO.

    Damit ist mein Ergebnis nach vielen Jahren Capture One leider (wie man in Deutschland so sagt) "Besser ein Ende mit Schrecken als ein Schrecken ohne Ende." 

    Ich habe das Glück, dass ich Capture One nicht mit der Datenbank verwende sondern immer nur Sessions. Außerdem erzeuge ich von den entwickelten Raws immer TIFs bzw. JPGs. Ich habe festgestellt, dass ich nach 2 bis 3 Jahren nicht mehr auf die Raws zurückgreife. 




    I'll take the liberty of adding a comment as someone who has been using Capture One for a very long time. As you can see from the attached, I migrated from version 3 to version 5 twelve years ago. And in the following, I've gone along with each version upgrade as well. 

    Adjusted for inflation, the upgrade would cost about 70 Euros today instead of 35 Euros. So about a third of the price assessed by Capture One today.

    But let's be sure, Capture One wants us all to move to a subscription model to then raise those subscription prices as well.

    Subscription would not be an absolute KO for me. But the prices called in the meantime for the nevertheless unfortunately only small improvements are a KO.

    So my result after many years of Capture One is unfortunately (as they say in Germany) "Better an end with horror than a horror without end." 

    I have the luck that I do not use Capture One with the database but always only sessions. In addition, I always create TIFs or JPGs from the developed Raws. I have found that after 2 to 3 years I no longer go back to the Raws.  

    Translated with (free version)

  • Jiri Skorepa

    I do not intend to upgrade to version 23 of my Capture One 22 perpetual license. It is great software, unfortunately provided by a company I no longer consider trustworthy.
    I bought (for much less than the price of upgrading to C1 23) a perpetual universal license for the complete Affinity software package (Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher, included licenses for Windows, Mac and iPad plus future partial upgrades). Check out the offer at This is money well invested.

  • Richard Chambers

    I haven’t tried ON1 raw converter yet but may check it out. I purchased their stand alone FX app previously and kind of like the effects that can be added and adjusted similar to C1 styles but with more diversity. Anyone else have experience with ON1?

  • J M Smith

    "Christine Monberg 
    Hi everyone. We have read through all your comments and identified some common misunderstandings, that we will clarify here (and have updated the article above with). 

    A side note;
    This is clearly something we all feel quite passionate about, but I would like to stress that we need to keep the conversation civil and non-personal. We will be removing comments using abusive language or personal attacks. 

    To clarify:
    We are keeping perpetual licenses, and you can still buy them anytime, after February 1st, 2023 or even after September 30th, 2023. 

    When we state,"There will not be a Capture One 24", it only means we are changing the product's naming. We will continue to release versions of Capture One Pro, that can be purchased as a perpetual license.

    We will release information about our loyalty program before February 1st, 2023. We have heard you and will release information about the new loyalty program two weeks before February 1st, 2023, so you can have enough time to make an informed decision. "

    My response:

    It doesn't seem to me that there are any misunderstandings at all.   You are going to defacto force the ~50% of your users who are perpetual licensees in to a subscription plan.  That is crystal clear.  You made a major PR blunder by offering major discounts to V23 and after people took advantge of that then dropped this little nugget on all of us.

    My challenge is CO is owned by a Private Equity firm and who knows what their exit will look like in a few years, but certainly they need a good strong EBITDA, hence the move to a subscription model.

    I know Adobe will be around long-term, so I downloaded the trial of LR/PS and I am going to transition to that. I left Adobe because of the transition to subscription, But if my alternative (CO) is going to make using their product painful. I am going to quickly cut my losses and move on.

    You did this to yourselves!!!

    PS.  I don't think anyone cares any longer about your loyalty program...

  • Thomas Pietsch

    once again: why is it not possible to release new features with the perpetual license? You can sell perpetual license with a pre anauncement of features, wich you release during the year.

  • Tom Yeung Loi Keung

    Why I upgrade to v23 because I can get a discount to upgrade to v24 next year and I can use C1 anytime without a subscription plan. Now you say no v24, so why do I need to upgrade to v23, I can keep using v22. F@ck you C1

  • Thomas Kyhn
    Top Commenter

    Perhaps what is most amazing in all of this is that C1 thinks that the way to get more customers and cash is to push them towards a subscription model when the main competition offers so much for so much less in their subscription model. What does C1 expect?

    This I'd like to know too.

    And as I've asked above: What, exactly, are the advantages of Capture One that justify this comparatively exorbitant subscription price – about two and a half times as much as that of Adobe's Lr+Ps – despite the obvious lacks of Capture One?

  • Tom Yeung Loi Keung

    Why block me on Facebook, shame on you

  • Jürgen Hermann Krause

    Perhaps what is most amazing in all of this is that C1 thinks that the way to get more customers and cash is to push them towards a subscription model when the main competition offers so much for so much less in their subscription model. What does C1 expect? That during a time when everyone is suffering from a cost of living explosion that they will hang around to pay double for half the product. They should be reducing the perpetual licence price to try to lure customers from adobe, but that logic seems to have passed them by. 

    Pride comes before a fall. And I don't think they'll listen enough to us to say sorry, we were wrong. I'll watch them fall and move ahead.




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