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How do I know which version I am eligible for?



  • Mark Lay

    I am a Capture One Pro subscriber and the download function does not work for a major release.

    I am on version and cannot update to Version 16.3 -- I've now missed two version updates and have not receive any feedback on my ticket and Capture One does not seem to have anyway to escalate my issue.   See ticket #210865 or also search the community discussions for "Trouble Downloading New Updates" for the details.

    Basically, Capture One just keeps downloading the free Express Fuji version versus the Capture One Pro 16.3 versions I am entitled to and as specified by Capture One on my account licensing page. This ie very annoying, I signed up for the subscription service and  Capture One is treating me as a perpetual license customer. 

    Given I am unable to get any support with this issue and I am being prevented from receiving something I've paid, I hope Capture One considers giving me a subscription credit for the period of time I have been unable to enjoy the benefits of the subscription.


  • Mehmet Tulgan

    I have a perpetual license Capture One Pro 20 ( and 

    I would like to upgrade to 21 (14.4.0) is this possible ? If possible what is the price???


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