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Can I use several Capture One product variants on the same computer?



  • Filipe Lopes



    And what about Capture One Catalog? Since the Express version does not support multiple catalogs, is there a way I can have my Sony photos separated from my old Nikon photos?



  • Lily

    Hi Filipe,

    Thank you for the comment.

    As Express allows using a single Catalog only, you can keep your existing Catalog.

    To separate Sony photos, just create a Smart Album by pressing "+" in the User Collection part of the Library with the criterion "Camera Make" "contains" SONY.

    That way, the images from your Sony camera(s) will be gathered in this Smart Album.

    Read more about Smart Albums.

  • J Edwards

    It is shame that one cannot have two Express versions for different cameras without all that fooling around to switch licenses.

    Please make it easier to use both versions on the same computer by providing advice/supplying directions for two separate installations--like into different named directories or some other method.



  • John Keiffer

    I totally agree with @J Edwards.

    The website should allow multiple licenses keys to be entered. When the app launches (since it already contains all product variants), it should provide popup that asks user which license to use. This shouldn't be hard to do. Actually I just looked online and there are now to license keys.

    If you have to deactivate, then activate again later, why do the number of activations now say 0 for both my "free" licenses?

  • FirstName LastName

    Oh boy, that's poor... Please fix it! - see @ J Edwards


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