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For those who have pre-ordered an upgrade for Capture One 21




  • C-M-B

    Could you tell uns ANYTHING about the upcoming release?

    There's absolutely zero information regarding the additional features (if there are any).

    Is there a focus stacking tool?
    How about a HDR stacking tool?
    What about WiFi-Tethering?
    Has anything changed?
    Has anything been removed?
    Is it still compatible with the same cameras/digital backs as the previous version?
    Is it all just a cosmetic change?

    I don't want to be mean but please don't expect people to pre-oder the new version just because there's a 20% discount, that's not an incentive to buy - we don't know what we're supposed to be paying for.

    For example: If there are no new features and it's just a performance update then it should not be sold as an upgrade. So please tell us what we're getting here.


  • Michael Clapham

    I totally agree with CMB, even with the discount this is a £50.00 increase on what I paid last year, there has to be lot of bangs for our bucks, especially at this time, come on guys, last year we didn't even get a date for release until a couple of days before.

    Stay safe.....

  • Daniel

    I also totally agree, if you can send us a marketing email, you can also include a overview of the new features


  • machi Martin
    I pre-ordered the V21 license 4 days ago and the code for the new license has not yet arrived. 
    the license code I had for the V20 stopped working after the purchase of the V21
    so I cannot currently use a license that I actually have paid for
  • Patrick Eisen

    Did I miss something or is it really $159 - 20% to preorder an update of the Pro License in the US.

    This year I could not use the software 50% of time because of bugs in the color and print unit.

    This price is not fair.

  • ernst.w

    @machi Martin

    PLEASE have a nearer look to the first Posting (start posting) of this thread. Here is described, that new licence for V21 works for V20 too and how to go on.

  • machi Martin

    Thanks Ernst, maybe I am doing something wrong


    I did not have to deactivate my license, the day after I payed for the new version my current one stop working

    There is temporary code license for V21  in my account that does not work with current version

    I did not get any email from fastsping with a new license code

    Am I missing something?

  • ernst.w

    "There is temporary code license for V21  in my account that does not work with current version"

    Then you should open a service ticket ( to get an answer, I cannot help. So sorry.

    "Am I missing something?"

    I really do not know because I do not pay for something I do not know what (I will get later). Therefore I will wait till C1 V21 is released and than decide what to so. In my case it is rather not a matter of how many new features I will get but of long known issues (in the Windows version) will be fixed or not.

    Kind regards

  • Chris Leutger

    I feel sort of ripped off right now. I bought a perpetual license a few months ago and now I'm being asking to pony up another pile of cash. I didn't realize that the licenses were per version like that because I'm new to C1. What sucks is that printing out of C1 is bad enough that I'm still using Adobe apps. And like others on this thread I think it is problematic that there is zero information on what's in the V21. I think it's too much for me to pay another fee when I just paid one so I would skip this unless there was something I needed. Which in my case would be negative scanning features like NLP in Lightroom. While I do like C1, it's still an adjunct tool so not useful enough for me to think the costs of being doubled up on like this is worth it.

  • Bill Coley

    Chris, I feel bad for the timing of your recent C1 purchase. I made my transition into C1 in November of last year when the company sold version 12 along with a free upgrade to version 20 when it came out, which happened within a month of my purchase, as I recall. It seems that you're a victim of very unfortunate timing.

    Because C1 has been such a joyful advance to my tool kit as a hobbyist and enthusiast photographer, I jumped on the recent 20% discount without wondering about the new features. That said, I agree with you and others in this thread about the value and need for transparency from PhaseOne about version 21's feature set. I buy several software packages from Corel and hence annually receive several pre-release upgrade discount offers from them, ALL of which include extensive descriptions of the next versions' new features. I hope PhaseOne will change its approach toward future releases.

  • Chris Leutger

    If this was a year into my buying a license, then I might think about it. But a few months in and I'm basically being asked to double up? No thanks. Adobe is having a summit in a couple weeks with free training. I'm going to take some of the Adobe Camera Raw courses and see where that gets me. Since I have to round-trip to Adobe to print anyway, I may as well see if I can stay in one ecosystem. Which is the problem, I'm already paying subscription to Adobe which provides me negative scanning (via NLP) and solid printing experience. The people I know that steered me towards Capture One told me that they don't print. All their work is pro work destined to either the web or file delivery for printing by a shop. So I'm going to ignore the pre-release deal. I think they should have offered a better deal to those of us that have recently purchased licenses. But since they aren't telling us what's in it, I'm not compelled to upgrade.

    And yes, other companies tout what's coming in new releases. Like I said I'm new to C1 and while I do like the software, what I'm seeing from the company doesn't give me confidence that this will be more than another tool in the kit. I was hoping to make a switch...

  • Bartee Lamar

    Thanks for post.   I started C1 today and was asked for a license key !!!  Then I figured this was something to do with the pre-purchase.   Your Pinned post is excellent.

    BTW....  I wrote software for 45 years.  I have NO problem paying you each year for the upgrades.   Looking forward to seeing what the new release brings....  

    Happy customer !

  • Vladimir Puncochar

    Chris, if you have perpetual license, you are not forced to upgrade to every recent version. I'm C1 user since version 6 or 7 and I usually skip one upgrade cycle. There are other occasions to upgrade with interesting discounts during the year...

  • Michael Hampton

    I don't mind paying for upgrades, but if you want me to pre-pay, you're going to have to let me know at least something of what I will be getting. Updated print module would be great. Really gets old having to reset all of my printer settings every single time I go to print something. There are a few other little annoyances, but that is probably the main one for me.

  • Chris Leutger

    I agree, printing is in progress.

  • Christopher Dubea

    A functional cataloging system would be a lovely addition......

  • SFA

    @Michael Hampton, et al.


    Why do you feel that you are being pressured to "pre-pay?"

    It's an offer, not a demand.

    As and when whatever is in development is complete and has passed through testing the final contents will become known. Sometimes things are withdrawn or deferred for further work based on the testing. That is what it is for.

    In effect major annual releases of Mac and Windows operating systems, heavily influence the timing of the C1 release schedule and have done for several years. One of the problems that brings with it is that some of the technical "under the hood" changes that need to be addressed by developers may make it all the way through the OS beta but get pulled at the last minute and do not make it to the final release.

    Now if that happens and you have announced a shiny new feature that requires that new OS function if it is to work - and the new function is no longer available on the OS - then as a developer you have a problem. The problem of telling people that you will be releasing some new benefit when in fact you no longer can release it as scheduled.


    The timing of the main update release and, frequently , the mid year release, are all heavily influenced by external events - most notable the regular Apple and Windows annual major OS updates as mentioned but also camera manufacturer releases that, historically, have often been aligned with marketing through Photokina leading to releases at the end of a year. 

    (That seems to be changing a little due to other influences but we have still seen quite a large number of new cameras released in recent months despite the ever contracting scale of the stand alone camera market.)

    So there is an offer available for those who wish to take advantage.

    For those who do not there will be an option to see the full list of changes AND test the upgrade for free for 30 days once it has been released.

    At some point during the year we might expect to see some further offers to save a few dollars when obtaining the upgrade and at some point we might anticipate a mid term major update with additional new features of some sort.

    This year the "grace" period for V20 purchasers is clearly described as buying in to V21 for the same deal and is a longer period than in previous years.

    So for all of that attempted communication and benefit what is main reaction?  A rush of negativity that suggests people either read what they want to read rather than what is offered or have extremely limited critical thinking abilities. Maybe both.

    Perhaps it would make more sense just to adopt a total blackout on future activities and features until release announcement time on the day of release?

  • Michael Hampton

    @SFA - I'm not sure where I said I was feeling "pressured" to "pre-pay".

    First of all, I understand exactly how software releases work, I am in software.

    Secondly, I was simply commenting on the marketing "smarts" of wanting people to "pre-pay" without giving them any clue about what new features they were pre-paying for. If they want more people to purchase the upgrade early, then maybe leak out a few of the upcoming features to make the offer more appealing.

    It's their company, they can run it how they wish, or maybe you work for the company? I'm not sure why you felt the need to post a 13 paragraph defense for the company's practice when we were just wanting some clues as to what we were pre-paying for, you know, like most users of software want before shelling out their money.

    And your last paragraph is the problem. They already HAVE adopted a total blackout on coming features until the actual release. If they would drip out a few "coming attractions" perhaps it would quell some of the "negativity" (as you called it) and garner some interest rather than just making us all wonder.

  • SFA

    @Michael Hampton.

    You wrote " but if you want me to pre-pay".

    Others have interpreted the offer to be apparently more threatening.

    The pre-pay offer for existing users is just an offer. Take it up or don't take it up according to one's preferences.

    Some people have, presumably because they will anyway and they may as well accept the offer.

    Others can choose to wait to see whether what will arrive is something they wish to spend on at that point.

    That's pretty much how things work in software, right? Unless one is forced into a subscription model od, in the agile world, has other factors influencing decisions due to compatibility needs.

    You are right, they can run things how they wish (and no I do not work for Capture One).

    So why so so many people seem to want to claim or, by inference, support claims that to do so is somehow wrong based on a completely false interpretation of the offer made?

    There are way of discovering what may be appearing. They are described in the this document.

    Other that that there is always the "wait and see" option with no money spent.

    People can respond in whichever way suits their needs.


    Where is the problem that so many wish to complain about?

  • C-M-B

    Calm down, SFA, nobody felt threatened or that the offer was threatening. It's just a bad business practise to have pre-order deals without any specific information regarding the changes.

    "There are way of discovering what may be appearing. They are described in the this document."

    That's called beta testing, that's fine but I'm not willing to risk the integrity of my computer just to find out what's new with CO21 when the CaptureOne team could simply tell us. 

    Personally I'm not willing to spend money without knowing what I'm going to get - especially with regards to software and hardware compatibility.
    What if LCC correction is suddenly limited to only PhaseOne backs? What if a certain version of Windows/OSX isn't supported any more but you're still using it? 

  • Christopher Dubea

    What's becoming obvious is that we have transitioned from Customers to revenue sources in the eyes of Axcel Management.

    Their presence is certainly being felt in the less than customer centric practices we have seen of late.

  • Jaromír Šafář

    I am a satisfied user of Capture One Pro.
    I will save by pre-ordering. I like to pay for great software, because the boys do a great job and must have something to live on.

  • Ingeborg de Waal

    I preordered capture one 21 for fuji. By my knowledge i can use the version captureone 20 untill the 21 comes out. I payd on 26-11-2020 for my licence but i did not receive a mail with my licence, I now use capture one express free. What can i do?


  • Ian Wilson

    If you didn't receive the licence code in an email, can you log on to your account at Capture One and get it from there?


  • Ingeborg de Waal

    Thanks for your reply, No, there is only the licence for the capture one express. And my order for captureone 21.


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