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  • Jeroen Bouman

    iPhone 14 will not detect Eos R5 or GFX100s... Tethered with brand new original iPhone Lightning <---> USC-c cable, same w/ slightly older cable. Wireless tethering: same story! Both cameras tether fine to M1 MacBook Pro. Did anyone test this [REDACTED]? 

  • Denis Huk

    Hi Jeroen Bouman, be sure to review the Capturing Images (iPhone) article. As per this article:

    • full support is limited to official USB-A Apple adapters, third party adapters and Type C to Lightning cords are not expected to work all the time;
    • check the "Camera settings for wireless tethering" and "Troubleshooting tethering issues" sections of the article to troubleshoot the Canon R5 wireless connection; consider contacting our support team if you still face issues;
    • Fujifilm GFX 100S wireless tethering is not supported.

    Hope this helps!

    We would also appreciate it if you could keep the tone friendly :)

  • FirstName LastName

    If I have the fujifilm subscription, can I also use and connect it to the app? or is it only for pc?

  • Denis Huk

    Hey FirstName LastName, you can get Capture One mobile as part of our All in One bundle or subscribe directly in the app through Apple.

    And that's a great question! I've updated the article a bit to make it clearer.

  • Jakub Certowicz

    I use a nikon z9.Can I use tether mode to import photos to the iPhone, but at the same time save them to the card in the camera?


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