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How to uninstall Capture One



  • Stephen Scharf

    The instructions for deleting an older, deactivated version of Capture One (e.g. C1 20) on Mac so that you can use the new version are RIDICULOUS. Could it be any more difficult? Going into terminal mode? Seriously? 

    Why can't this be made easier? 

  • Victoria Holt

    I agree with Al Avery. Usually when I upgrade software, all that deleting of old, unnecessary stuff is taken care of by the upgrading software itself.

  • Al Avery

    If you want my continued support, Capture One, you’ll need to work hard to make upgrading a much more simple operation. Seriously.

  • FirstName LastName

    I cannot uninstall this software! I downloaded Version 22 about 10 days ago for a 30 day trial, I've deactivated my computer, restarted and run Uninstall from the App&Features (Windows 11), and from Program files the file "uninst000.exe" and nothing! I've also turned the computer off, verified no Capture One software is running using Task manager but still nothing. Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

  • Demetri Dourambeis

    As others have said, the uninstall process for Mac OS is far too involved.  Like other software, if it isn't a case of dragging the app from the Applications Folder then a discreet Uninstall app should be available within the 'contents'.

    This is particularly necessary as the guidance for upgrading to any new version recommends uninstalling the previous version.  This means that uninstalling is an integral part of the upgrade process and a user's ongoing relationship with the software and the company providing it.

    Since uninstalling is inherent with upgrading it should be done either automatically or at the very least easily.  At the moment it is neither.

  • Mark Smith

    Running AppCleaner did work.  I also clicked on your link "How to update to Capture One?" and discovered that EVEN FOR REGULAR UPDATES you recommend deactivating the license.  I followed this instruction and deactivated the license ... something I have never done before because I have never heard of having to do this with any other software.

    Long story short: my histogram is now dynamic and I look forward to using the software.  Thanks for you help.

  • Humberto Brito

    There is an alternative method to deactivating one's licence:

    It would be useful to include this information. I had to reinstall a previous version of Capture One 20 since the latest version excludes some Mac users who cannot run the newest update. In those cases, the app crashes before it even opens. So, one cannot deactivate the license via the dialog box shown above in point 1. 

    It would save precious time to customers to make explicit reference to this alternative way of deactivating the license.

  • FirstName LastName

    I agree with above. I was running a trial, it expired, and I am trying to uninstall and it does not work. flashes up a dialog box and disappears. Should be able to uninstall.

  • onur cildir

    I am also stuck with v.22 of this. Can't uninstall at all.

  • Mark Smith

    I am a Mac user. This seems incredibly complicated.  What if I just use my AppCleaner app?  It does a great job finding all associated files and deleting them.  And why deactivate the license?  You never come back to that point at all.  

  • geram

    Unistall of Capture One 22 ( does not seem to work under Windows 10

  • Victoria Holt

    Michael Crow, that would be a very good idea. As I said somewhere above, deleting the old software before installing an upgrade is not necessary in most cases. Therefore Capture One should emphasise the need for the uninstallment, perhaps including it on the page where people go to download the new software.


  • Martha Gomez

    I didn´t even know I had to uninstall. I am still making sure I follow all the instructions. In the mean time this is the information I found this morning:

    File assocations – Capture One

    Capture One Drops Branded Versions for Nikon, Sony, and Fujifilm Cameras | Fstoppers

    I think it might not be a Capture One fault at all. And after all, nobody can blame users like me who can not puchase the full license and relied on the free offers either.

    Strange I started trying to completely uninstall Microsoft Office today. My laptop is running free of malware but this is like trying to find radioactive particles in your Windows system.

    I had installed Capture One Express for Nikon. I am unable to upgrade it.


  • Colin Brennan

    With the poor customer service they provide and these types of upgrade processes Capture One days are surely numbered.

  • David Michael Jacobs

    The uninstall instructions doesn't work for Mac OS Ventura. Can you update the instructions please? Thank you.

  • Lawrence McArdle

    Hello, I am also stuck with v22. I am a subscriber and I have downloaded v23.  I try to uninstall v22 and it does not work.  As Robin Neville states above, it flashes up a dialog box which then disappears and it does nothing.

    It would be REALLY nice if I could use v23, since I paid for it.  The clock starts today for me.  How long do I have to wait for a solution until I receive some kind of remedy from Capture One?  I love this software, but in this particular case I expect better.

  • Lily

    Hi Mario,

    Thank you for your questions and notes.

    As for point 9, starting from Capture One 20 (13.1.0) the folder structure in AppData/Local has slightly changed, so feel free to delete ...\\user.config from Capture One folder and also ...\\user.config from Phase One folder.

    As for point 6, this is not necessary to delete those files if you plan to reinstall Capture One.

  • Michael Crowe

    Re: 'This is specifically useful when the application is not responding.' 

    Does this need to be updated to reflect the latest installation instructions for Capture One 21, namely 'we recommend uninstalling any previous versions of Capture One on your machine, prior to installing your new version of Capture One.' 

    See How to get started with your Capture One 21 pre-order/upgrade

    Suggest it be changed to read: 'Uninstalling previous versions of Capture One is recommended a) prior to installing a new version of Capture One or b) when the application is not responding.'


  • Mario Fantucci

    I have some difficulties to follow your instruction for WIN 10. The first is sure for my low knowlwdge, but the second seems a typo, probably pasted from older versions, specifically:

    point 6.  I am not able to find "CaptureOne" folder in Pictures folder. (Assuming thta in WIN 10 Library - Directory - Folder has the same meaning).

    point 9.  In folder C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Local\Phase_One,  I have the following content: CaptureOne.exe_StrongName_y3yh4brhpfi14u41fltdrpfruizxirsn\\user.config.  Even if I am runnng version 13.1.1.

    But I have another user.config in the current version-folder here:  ....\Local\Capture_One\CaptureOne.exe_StrongName_y3yh4brhpfi14u41fltdrpfruizxirsn\\user.config

    Thanks for help at point 6 and a confirmation that I can delete both folders  Phase_One  and  Capture_One for pont 9.

    Kind regards



  • Michael Crowe

    Re Step 9 (Windows version) Deleting the Preferences File 'user.config'

    As you correctly note 'There will be sub-folders for every version installed containing user.config with the preferences.' 

    So after deleting the user.config files we are left with empty sub-folders, correct? 

    eg: I have four remaining:,, and created today when I ran C1-20 to deactivate my licence as per the instructions to be followed before installing C1-21.



  • Henna Uusikallio

    When I enter the line below in Terminal I get the following message. 

    defaults delete com.captureone.captureone14


    Domain (com.captureone.captureone14) not found.

    Defaults have not been changed.

    The application doesn't work correctly and you can't remove it without a lot of work and research.

    I left a ticket about a week ago but haven't got a reply. Could your please help with this?

  • Lily

    Hi Humberto,

    Thanks a lot for your suggestion and comment.

    This link will be added to the deactivation step for both Mac and Windows instructions.

  • Al

    It really shouldn't be this difficult to uninstall/reinstall every update. Instructions are too involved and difficult to follow for many users.

  • FirstName LastName

    As a follow up, the only assistance that support ultimately provided was to use Bulk Crap Uninstaller to uninstall the program. I will say use at your own risk. I don’t think that it is infected software, but had so much bloatware/adware, that it was its own kind of scary. I have been looking for other things as I installed this on desktop and laptop and still have yet to get the trial off of my laptop.

  • Lily

    Hi Mario,

    Thank you for the feedback.

    As for 5 and 8, the Phase One folders renamed into Capture One, which happened with the update of Capture One 20 (13.1.0). I will add a note on that.


    As for the 7, there is a note:

    Please skip this step or make a backup of this folder if you plan to reinstall Capture One.

    Thus, there is no need to delete this folder when you plan to continue using Capture One further.


    As for 9, just delete this user.config file following the mentioned file path.

  • Lily

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Running AppClearner might be an option, and afterwards you can discover whether it has removed the associated files and folders mentioned here.

    Please, note that some steps indicated here are for those who want to uninstall Capture One completely from the computer. In case you just need to update Capture One when a new release comes out, please refer to this article - How to update Capture One?

  • Mario Fantucci

    Dear Lily,

    I went through complete unistall 4 months ago to recover from a series of bugs on my Win 10 laptop after reformatting. It was quite problematic to follow your instruction that looked like “not current”. However you helped me get out of the quagmire.   Nevertheless a series of errors are still present in the above page. So, in order to prevent some problems – to myself and other users – I am now sending you the list of the issues I found trusting in your fully determined support.

    Before listing, I allow myself for a general consideration: I think that Windows instructions should be written by a Windows user that does not know the Mac word. Only in such a way the language would be exempt from terms that “only-Win” user does not understand.


    5. Delete the folder C:\Program Files\Phase One\Capture One X (where X is the software version). In my PC the folder has a different path:  please check in your current Windows installation and replace  \Phase One\  with  \Capture One\.


    6. Delete the Library file Libraries -> Pictures -> Capture One Library. Find the Capture One.col file (it might have other extensions such as .cosessiondb, .col, .col45, .col50) and delete it.……  in my PC the folder “Capture One Library” does not exist, what/where have I to search to find the mentioned file? (Even if I have the plan to reinstall version 21, I would like to find and read the content of the “library”.)

    Please note that the term “Library” is never used by PC users (maybe it is common for Mac user…). Clarify this point. 


    7. Delete the CaptureOne AppData folder Users -> User Name -> AppData -> Local -> Capture One. In my PC there is not this folder. Instead of it there are 2 similar:

    Capture_One   and   CaptureOne.  The former contains the config file in the following path:  \Capture_One\CaptureOne.exe_StrongName_y3…omissis…irsn\\user.config    that is discussed at your below point  9. Delete the Preference Files.

    Remains the latter called “CaptureOne” one-word.  It contains a huge amount of data (also customizations, I think), i.e.: 16 folders like: Batch120, Color Profiles, … Image Core, Presets60, Recipes120,…. Worksplaces130    AND the file   userLog.db.   Do you really ask us to delete these data and customizations?!?

    I did last time, and was a nightmare to go into the second installation to recover, if not all, at least most of my customizations… and now I have 19 folders (e.g.: stiles and stiles50; workspaces and workspaces130).  Please indicate us a better solution!!    I ask also to shortly clarify here the content of the directory and put a big warning about its deleting !


    8. Delete the Capture One Program Data folder C:\ProgramData\Phase One\Capture One. Please note that in my PC the folder C:\ProgramData\Phase One   is empty (maybe it is there since version 12…). The folder I have is “Capture One” and moreover, differently from the imagine you show, in my PC it contains ONLY  “Capture One” (see below image) that in its turn contains 3 folder and 1 file. 

    Confirm that we need to cancel the above directory.


    9. Delete the Preference Files (For Capture One 20 (13.1.0) and newer versions) C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Local\Capture_One\CaptureOne.exe_Url....\Number.x.x\user.config (where Number corresponds to the Capture One version). In my PC I have:    …..\AppData\Local\Capture_One\CaptureOne.exe_StrongName_y3y…omissis…irsn\\user.config 

    Clarify if we have to delete just the user.config file or the path starting from “Capture_One” directory, included or not.


    Thanks for punctual amendments that will simplify a lot Win user life.


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