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How to download, install, and update Capture One



  • Alfred Coll

    Paid for download of upgrade, received license code, but download would not start.

  • David Smith

    I did pay for Capture One Pro 23 in October 22. Since my initial download and license code agreement I have not been able to upgrade nor start download for any upgraded Capture One Pro 23 upgrades. My license code is: 9YRK-7MXA-45EX-""""

    Would you please let me know what I must do to be able to access any new updates? 


    Best regards,


    David K Smith


  • isdom

    hi I started capture one on iPad but want to use on my Mac desktop. I have downloaded it but don't have licence number and can't find it, could you help 


  • VaL

    Hi Dennis, 

    Hopefully you can help me out with the instructions you listed up above. It is in regard to this part below:

    Updates are not performed via a "patch" meaning that a new version of Capture One will need to be installed on top of your existing configuration.

    When it mentions about installing on top of my existing configuration, does that man to not replace/delete the existing configuration? I ask because I've never seen anyone explain when getting to the installation. 

    thanks vAL



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