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Colors in Capture One


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  • dee jjjaaaa

    "...Capture One works in a very large color space, similar to that captured by camera sensors. ..." - camera sensors do not have a color space, they simply register signal (light), so when firmware creates a raw file - the data there are not coordinates in any formal color space, the data there is simply information about how specific sensel behind a particular CFA filter was illuminated during the exposure plus whatever else firmware does (black level, noise reduction, etc, etc)... so how about C1 team finally put perennial speculations to rest and tell us about it along the lines of how Adobe DNG specification does - what is the color transform pipeline ... for example when I move exposure slider in C1 does it alter the demosaicked data before any color transform in the pipeline or after some color transform happened (or course there is a chance C1 works like RPP - and exposure slider operation is done before demosaick - hence before any color transform is possible at all) ? I can create a camera profile with cieXYZ PCS and C1 works (color editor does not because it requires LUT table and cieLAB, but still - other thing do work) even regular camera profile have cieLAB PCS... I can remove all camera profiles and C1 will still work... so it seems C1 either consider "RGB" numbers after demosaick as if they are coordinates in some color space w/o any actual color transform or C1 has like ACR/LR some hardcoded inside camera proflles (because it still works when all camera profiles are deleted) to translate demosaicked data into some color space... what it is then ? cieXYZ, cieLAB, cieLUV ? what is the big deal to tell us instead of "very large color space" ? thank you


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