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Adjustment controls: Undo/Redo commands


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  • Antolín Agar

    Hello LiLy, the option both the Undo option in the main menu (which affects all actions such as Crt + Z and the Alt + Undo function in a tool, are disabled with a variable frequency and I am forced to restart the program to reactivate Undo's service

    It is a problem described for some time in the forum by many users, many of whom have reported to the Technical Service but I have not seen that anyone has asked for your opinion. Do you know something about it?

    The problem is very serious, so much so that comments begin to appear on social networks mentioning the instability of the program.

    If you do a search in the forum about the word Undo you will be able to verify that we have tried everything, deactivate, uninstall, install, delete installation remnants etc, etc.

    It seems that you do respond to the queries, that is why I am writing to you.



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