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Saving a personal workspace



  • Freund der Berge

    Thanks a lot for your fast answer!
    BTW: An Export-/Import option on that in the workspace menu would be useful to many clients, i think.

  • Alejandro Pinnick

    Im working with Capture 21. Should saving a work space also save my quick menu settings and tool bars? Every time I open a new or previous session I have to setup the quick menu all over again. This wasn't an issue for me before. 

  • Brandon Hampton

    Hopefully this is still being monitored but I've tried saving my customized workspace as I switch between dual and single monitor but all my tool placements do not save.  tools I've removed from the default spaces and tools I've added all return to default spaces and setups.  tools tabs remain where I put them but nothing else.  running capture one 22 (for Nikon) build

  • fractr

    Thank you for this User Guide page. Where are the workspaces saved on Windows?

  • Lily

    Hi Freund,

    Thank you for the question.

    All the custom Workspaces are located in the following folder:

    - /Users/[your user name]/Library/Application Support/Capture One/Workspaces


    You may copy the contents of this folder to an external drive for instance, and then paste it in the corresponding Workspace folder (the path above) on another computer.



  • Photeinos

    How can I save my personalised workspace as the Default Workspace in Capture One 23?



  • Daniel Salazar

    Hi, I have my all workspaces that I wan to modify, however with the latest version I can save the changes but they will not stick to the changed workspace. I can also save with a new name and the new workspace will not be saved.

  • Freund der Berge

    Thx for this helpful article!
    Is there a method to transfer such a saved personal workflow from one computer to another, eg from an iMac to a MacBook ?

  • Lily

    Hi Alejandro,

    If this happens on a regular basis, that could be a bug.

    Which version of Capture One 21 are you currently using?


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