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Importing images into a Catalog


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  • Dominic James

    HI, I've been running an import of my image archive (on a g-tech 5tb USB3 drive), with the catalogue on my Mac Pro 5,1 NMVe drive. The archive is 50,000 images, all worked on in sessions but now just have the Capture Settings folder with each shoot. These are structured into date/names/number folders. I've asked the Import dialogue to import subfolders, don't import duplicates, and apply existing settings.

    So it has been running for 92:47 hours! And tells me there is constantly another 5-6 hours to go. I discovered I could open another session so I can do some other work but it is really impossible to do as there is such a lag between mouse clicks while the import is running.

    Can I pause the import? I now have three urgent jobs I need to work on. What happens if I quit the App and restart it? I can't risk having to start again after almost 4 days!



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