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Working with Guides



  • Mat Fretschel

    I've figured out how to only have one horizontal and one vertical guide (I think) by adding the "Grid Tool" to one of my Tool Tabs and then changing the Long Edge and the Short Edge to "2". 

    For the life of me, I cannot move either guide.  Typically, I'll move the vertical guide down to check if something is straight.  According to the documentation, if I switch to the select tool (V), I can move the guides wherever I want. This isn't working for me. Do I need to change a setting somewhere in order to do this?

    Currently using Capture One 20. Thank you!

  • Lily

    Hi Mat,

    Please, go to the main menu and make sure that the Guides option is enabled.

    There will be one vertical and one horizontal line. When you hover over any line and click on it, you will be able to move it.

    You may customize Guides in the View menu and add extra horizontal or vertical lines if needed.

  • Mat Fretschel

    Thank you Lily!

    So simple. I had the Grid option enabled instead of the Guides.


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