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Cropping images



  • FirstName LastName

    Bonjour, pourquoi l'option pour changer les mm en px est totalement bloquée et figée dans l'outil recadrage ?

  • 정민 이

    There is no way to change the crop default value from 'Original' to 'unconstrained' . It is inconvenient to have to press the Crop button every time. 

  • dougwalkerphoto

    The letter 'C' used to invoke the crop tool, as 'R' used to invoke the Rotate tool. The letter 'C' works on my MacBook Pro but not in the iMac install. Is there a way to set this up? I looked at Keyboard shortcuts and it shows letter 'C' is set for Crop.

  • w j

    This storing of the crop ration on per-variant basis is very inconvenient for me, as it defaults to the original crop, which I seldom use. I mostly use a custom crop. In previous versions of CaptureOne it was not a problem, but now it is. For every image I want to custom crop I have to change the crop ratio. It is more clicking around as before, very annoying!

    I would appreciate a lot if you could make a switch in the settings to return the previous logic.

  • Philippe Drapeau

    I second that WJ, instead of just clicking 'C', I now have to enter the crop tool to select 'unconstrained' for every image, this is a real bummer, slows down my edits a lot, just an unnecessary pain !    Why not have this in the preferences, alongside far less important features like crop's rectangle opacity and brightness ? And so simple to implement.

    But there is more: you select 'unconstraned', you crop your image to your taste, then if you click outside your crop rectangle, the ratio selected automatically goes back to 'Original' + your crop simply disappears and you're back to the full image !  

    A basic feature that worked so well before this release....


  • David Trew

    N.B. As of Capture One 22 (15.3) your Aspect Ratio will be remembered on a per-variant basis. It is no longer a 'global' setting.

    How do I do the facepalm emoji in this chat box?

    What a spectacular blunder by Capture One here!

    If I set the crop to "unconstrained" its because I want to choose my own crop, which is the case in almost every photo I edit. It is *extremely* frustrating to have to reset this for every single image. Please go back to how it used to be where once I set it as unconstrained it stays that way until I choose otherwise. I can't believe there isn't even a way to set this in the so-called "Preferences". 

    Come on capture One, this is getting exceedingly tiresome now. Not just this particular crop problem, but the fact that every time you issue a new release, you change a feature that worked perfectly well before to something that is far more of a pain in the ass to use and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

    My advice is: don't just change stuff for the sake of it, just to pad out the number of changes for each release. Only make changes that actually improve the user experience. And if you do make a change, at least make it easy for the user to change a setting to go back to the previous behaviour.

  • Krzysztof Majewski


    Restore please possibility to global settings for cropping tool!!!

    Setting crop to each picture indyvidually it's very annoying. Imagine: you have hundreds pictures to crop, let's say, I'd like crop to 16:9 proportions. In older versions I could set cropping tool for desire proprtion and only choose the right frame and that's it.

    Now, I MUST each time changing crop tool settings, again, again, and again. Hundreds, or thousands times.

  • Dan DeVries

    This is broken for me as well.  Been on a chat with the help desk.

    And there is no "Behavior" option shown in my crop preferences as indicated in the tech note above.

    Would be great to have this fixed.


    NOTE - updated to latest rev 15.3.1 and now I can see the behavior option.

  • Adam Johnson

    Very disappointing.  I'm experiencing all the same frustrations that I'm reading about here in the comments and then some.  

    I used to be able to set the crop to 4x5 and then click, say, the Right side of the photograph and it would crop away the right side of the image.  Now it just autocenters the crop. Every time. No mater where I click.  

    I set the preferences to use the global setting. You need to just change it back to the way it worked in 21.

  • bo Karlberg

    Is it possible to crop an image hard and then let it fill up the display completely?

    //Bo Karlberg

  • Peter Slupski

    The cropping in Capture One 22 is so bad... trying to use a vertical crop instead of a horizontal. Used to be able to switch the ratio so you could easily change from horizontal to vertical and can't find this anywhere. Following this article it suggests you grab a handle and rotate the crop, but instead the whole image rotates. Very disappointing and I just paid for a pre-ugrade to Version 23. Paying for features that are not working is getting to be quite disappointing, maybe they will fix this in the new update, but the question is why has something so basic as rotating the crop been eliminated.


  • Nikolai

    Peter, I was looking for this too, and have found the solution on YouTube of all places: you have to push the crop window until it snaps into the other orientation. So if you have a 2x3 photo but want it to be 4x3, just select the 3x4 option on the drop down, and then push that 3x4 crop frame until it snaps into 4x3. Not very intuitive, and nowhere to be found in the help files, but it works.


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