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Opening images in an external editor



  • Krishna Prasad Kotti

    Do we have a shortcut for this operation ?

    Can I configure a shortcut so that I say I can open image in RAWDigger and see the image and close it ?

    If we don't have a shortcut then a feature request would help

  • Lily

    Hi Krishna,

    Thank you for the comment.

    We do not have a shortcut for this action, but we already have requests for that.

    I will also add your comment about that as well.

  • Kyle Pfeffer

    Lily, there seems to be a bug, present in both 20 and 21. It constantly asks what I want to open a PSD file in. Despite clicking "always open with this" it never remembers. Windows 10. I do composites and I cannot batch open anymore. 

  • SFA


    Have you already tried creating a Windows file type association for PSD files and the application(s) you may wish to open them with?

  • Kyle Pfeffer

    Yes, it is associated with in Windows 10. I go to "default apps" and can see it is set to default. Furthermore, I can click PSD files in File explorer and it opens to photoshop. Because of this I believe it is C1 but I will try more in windows, I'm just put of ideas.



    I am not the only one with this issue, SFA.

  • Kyle Pfeffer

    here you can see it is associated, SFA.

  • Darrell Harris

    I am trying to open more than one file at a time into photo shop for real estate editing.  Capture One 21 (Fuji) is only sending one of the multiple selected files I select via the "edit with" tab to PS.  I realize there is no open as layers function at this time.  That said, I tried the same with Affinity and have no issue with more than one file at a time being sent there for editing.  Is there a toggle I am missing or do I have to go and individually open one file at a time to PS from Capture One's "edit with" function?   Thank you....


  • Jay Rabinowitz

    This is driving me crazy... Capture One 21 (Sony Express) crashes when opening images in my external editor, Affinity Photo. This new behavior since 14.3 

    I've gone to Preferences and setting up plugins, and by choosing 'Other' from menu drop-down. I get the file (TIFF) builder window, and CO21 crashes when I attempt to 'Save' file.

    Can you help me get back to standard behavior? Thanks

  • Maryna Sopilniak

    Hi Jay, 

    Thanks for sharing with us the issue you have faced. 

    I have converted your request to a support request.

    The Support Team will get back to you via the ticket soon.

  • Daniel Wimble

    Would love a shortcut button for this.

  • Roza Lawrance

    There are no shortcuts in your article. But if you want you can use the shortcut for photo or image configuration.
    And yes, you can visit Clipping Path Center (CPC) for any of your image editings.
    thank you.


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