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Exporting variants



  • Smileee

    As of Capture One 21 (14.4) I can't see the Variant option under Export... Only way I can export my changes is if I select Export, and it defaults to my MacOs's Picture folder (which is not where my Catalog is).

  • Elio Ruscetta

    Dear capture one,


    Firs is unbelievable that as costumer we can not  call or be assisted live like Adobe does...not so good at all, any time there is an issue we have to fill up this stupid form.

    This takes so much time to solve a stupid issue.

    I have a problem exporting images. 1, If I select more than one image the software only export one. 2 even if I select one images I have the same issue.

    This is been going on for more than two month now, so annoying...

    Can someone explain why?

    and please don't let me wait for ever...






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