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Editing the queue in the Export Queue tool



  • Barry A. Fisher

    The process does not seem to work to remove images from the queue.  I started out by batch processing out small size jpgs for about 350 images.  Worked great.  But now I just want to process a couple of those images full size.  I changed the process to do this and only have one image selected.    I've deleted per your directions above, and the queue batch appears empty, but each time I go to process just one image, the whole queue re-appears and the whole batch starts to get processed., Its a real pain!

    Using Capture 1 20 for Fuji  latest version.

    Any hints?



  • Lily

    Hi Barry,


    Thank you for the comment.

    The Batch Queue gets empty just after the variants are processed. Then that list from the Queue tab goes to the History tab in the Batch tool.

    If you want to process only one variant with different settings (size, profile, etc.), you should select it from the Browser, set the options in the Process Recipe tool and click Process. Make sure that the Edit Selected Variants icon is not orange in the toolbar. When the image is being processed, it will appear in the Queue tab, but after the processing is complete, the item(s) from the Queue tab should are moved to the History tab.

    In case you would like to clear the History tab, please click on the Clear History button at the bottom of the History tab in the Batch tool.

    Please, let me know if that helped.

  • Nikolai Vassiliev

    So, we want Batch Queue back in 14.x cycle.

  • Michele Di Fede

    Optimise Batch Queue (please)

    Thank you for bringing back "Batch Queue"....
    Now that you know many need/love this tool, can you PLEASE add some necessary tweaks?

    1. keep the start/stop batch queue button always on top or shown.
    Always have to scroll down again is so frustratingThis is so frustrating and drives me nuts when working with large batches (and the fast shooters out there).

    2. add a dedicated shortcut to start/stop the batch queue.
    This adjustment would even make my first request null and void.

  • Steve Houston

    How can I delete items in C1 20 Process Recipe batch queue that C1 is  unable to process due to inability to locate specified ICC profile?


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