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  • Kane Feaver

    Seems like you are now trying to make Capture One for the non-working professionals, as this new exporter just adds a ridiculous amount of time by having to open up a new dialog to choose the recipe I need. Before it was as simple as checking a box in a tool tab and hitting command D (and you could see the progress bar for confirmation). I don't want the activities window popping up every time. And totally agree with Brad Trent. Removing the granularity that makes Capture One so useful for working photographers is a good way to alienate your key users.

  • Max Gordon

    I believe that this feature is completely backward in terms of innovation. By eliminating the output tab in the tool panel, I now have to work out of a dialogue box that won't allow me to continue my tethered shooting session in the background. I have always allowed images to be captured in as I am continuing to work throughout a different previous capture folder (fast workflow of images kicked out to on set retouchers). I am now at the mercy of the unsuppressible new panel that forces me to stay in this prosumer version of what I actually need. PLEASE PLEASE pretty PLEASE at least allow for us professional digital technicians to have the option of having it back in our tool panel. We need it desperately. Thanks for the consideration.

  • Brad Trent

    Max...the time for being polite with these jokers has come and gone! They've long since given up on developing this app for professionals and instead seem intent on adding 'innovations' that no working professional would ever ask for. Case in point, the horrible 'update' to the way layers behave when copying and pasting. Where we once were able to simply copy and paste adjustments from one file onto other files, now you must first RESET all adjustment to the target files, then paste the desired adjustments, or else you end up with the new adjustments being pasted on top of the old layers! WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT THAT????? This all started with C1 v20 and Phase has simply ignored all calls from actual working photographers to remove this and go back to the much more logical method of copying and applying layers. And you and others have removing the 'Output' button from the interface, not only do we have another step to simply process files, but we must now pick a destination folder for the processed files instead of them being dropped into the 'Output' folder within the Session! And if tethered shooting is disabled during processing, all I can say is...WHAT THE HIGH HOLY HELL IS GOING ON WITH THE DEVELOPMENT OF THIS PROGRAM????? 

    But I have a feeling all this ranting from guys like us is just a massive waste of time, since Phase has shown they truly don't give a rat's a$$ about what working professionals want and need from their product. They claim to work with professional photographers about necessary upgrades to the app, but I think the panel of 'expert photographers' they consult when developing new versions of Capture One are nothing but tech geeks who know less about photography than my cat.....

  • Eric Fischer

    What imbecile thought it would be a good idea to remove the process tool tab?  You are damaging our productivity and our workflows and our businesses!

  • Ruud vd Akker

    Please give me back my Process tool tab.
    Or at least let it exist next to the "new" export function.
    That's all I am asking.

  • Debra Pook

    This new feature is absolutely HORRIBLE for product photographers that have to process multiple exposures. It is more time consuming. 

  • Kenneth Svendlund

    I fully agree with the critique that has been raised here. Please put the export function back where it was in the Process tab tool.

    What opening the export in an additional window should bring I beyond me, it worked great before!

    Stop changing things just to make a change!

  • Pratik Kumar

    Removing export tab is not a step forward or really functional innovation. If anything, its more dysfunctional and an additional step when you need to ensure that the export is going to the right folder or need to enter sub folder names for each set of images.

    I strongly request to revert this change. 

  • nvdg

    With this new export tool, I can't export custom image orders anymore... I always drag images in the browser to create a custom order before selecting all the images and then exporting them in that order. That always worked fine, but as soon as this HORRIBLE new export window pops up, the order gets reset. They go back to being sorted by filename and I don't see any way to change it... What this means is that I now either have to export my images one by one, or I have to rearrange them manually in the finder window after exporting.

    How is it possible that a solid product like Capture One releases updates that are as insanely dysfunctional as this new export tool is. Haven't you guys ever heard of the phrase "Don't fix what isn't broken?"

  • Giovanni Gori

    I'm a professional photographer as many here. The new export tool is so bad.

    1) 90 out 100 times the sample path destination arrow doesn't show up for me.

    2) I cannot work tethered with a client next to me and export in the same time. I must pause the shooting, export, then resume the shooting. CMD D allows me only the last export recipe. This is a huge problem.

    3) When I launch multiple exports with different recipes and I made a mistake so I want to select and cancel some of them, I cannot figure out anymore how to do it.

    I'm a Phase One user, a strong supporter of Capture One, but this is really a bad direction. It happens to do mistakes, PLEASE, give us back the old export tool. It is really needed.
    Thank you in advance

  • Ussama Hanna

    I used to be able to select multiple variants (edited) then go to Export/Export Variants .

    I no longer see this and it only lets ONE image export instead of all the selected ones.

    Any thoughts?

    C21 Pro 14.3

    I'm not thrilled with this new Export process.

    Using a Mac with Apple Silicon all updated.

  • Maryna Sopilniak

    Hi all, 

    To address concerns about the redesigned exporter in Capture One 21 (14.3), we are happy to announce that we will be introducing the possibility to add the new exporter tools in the main UI. It will also be possible to pause and resume an export. Cross-recipe-naming and cross-recipe-sub-folders will also return.  

    These updates will be included in Capture One 21 (14.4) - launching at the end of September. 

    As we move forward, we are committed to ensuring our software develops in a way that includes the functionality critical to the workflow of many professional photographers.   

    Please look at our statement: 

  • Maryna Sopilniak

    Hi Ussama, 

    Thank you for your comment. 

    I saw that you received the reply from our Support Team. Hope the issue is solved.

    If you have any questions please reach out to us. 

  • hollywoodstills

    Sure would be great to have the queue/history tool tab.  Not sure why that disappeared as the exporter went to a new screen.  But I'm guessing will be addressed late September as well....

  • FirstName LastName

    This is absolutely moronic, like most things with Capture. Put it back the way it was before. You people are always trying to "improve" the things that no one wants you to mess with. 

  • Michael Cortese

    Just updated to 14.3.1 and see that the Output tab has been moved along with the Process Icon. What is the rationale for removing THE most used button I have. You have completely interrupted my workflow for no gain. This has me fuming, I dont' want to have to go back to Adobe Lightroom

  • Ussama Hanna

    Hello Maryna

    I have reinstalled the prior version of C21 

    I hope the future release will have the same simple access to exporting multiple imaged when selected. For whatever reason it just wasn't working for me.

    Plus performance enhancements (responsive tool and sliders) 

    And no I don't plan on switching to any other software since C21 14.2 is working as it should BUT I do look forward to the updates.

  • Lauren Janney

    "Given that the Output tab was particularly complex to understand and use"


    It was INFINITELY more intuitive than the "solution" they implemented with the new Export dialogue.  I am genuinely confused as to what was complex or difficult to understand about it.

    This software literally has PRO in the name.  Make an amateur version if you can't expect people to understand extremely basic digital asset management interfaces.  At least give them a choice...

    Which it does seem they have done after all the backlash.  This does not bode well however for future "innovations" and I, for one, will be VERY CAUTIOUS before installing any new software from Phase One in the future.

  • Daniel Schulz

    It is back the way it was and even slightly improved. You have to ad it manually though. Right click on the tab bar and you will find the option to ad it again.

  • James Kohatsu

    You need to have a quick export choice.

  • Wolf Nitschke

    I don't understand why Capture One doesn't allow you to have a recipe where you export / copy the original Photoshop (and indeed there's no recipe for RAW files... why???) file including all its layers on to an archive or another folder. Why do I have to use a different shortcut AND THEN I can't even access various presets... I have to hit the "..." next to the location so everytime I want a different location I either have to set it manually or hit three dots button to access my presets... it's extremely inconvenient.

    Just have a Recipe option for exporting ORIGINALS (copy / paste) on to whatever location you want. Sure I may not need Photoshop files all the time - but C1 could at least respect the times when we do need tham and do want to keep layers every once and a while! 

    Also I don't want to convert my original RAW files into DNG every time I use a recipe for archiving purposes ... it's just mad.

  • Tony Arruza

    I just updated to Capture One 23 from CO 21 and can't figure out why it takes a new window to export files. Not only that but the exporting of just a single file is super slow, and don't try to continue working as everything bogs down. What's happened? And of course to contact support they ask for log files, system files and all kinds of questions about the OS, CPU,  etc. This is so unprofessional and may I add expensive for what you get.


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