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How many computers can I install Capture One on?



  • Richard Reader

    Frankly I think Capture One have been a bit disingenuous here with the change in the number of computers you can install 21 on. That was not mentioned at any stage in the run up to the release (actually it was a pretty poor run up altogether with minimal information available on what the new features would be).

    I have upgraded but really I don't think I'm getting my monies worth for the new features, even if I do retain the ability to install on two PCs.

  • Lily

    Hi Eduardo,

    As stated in the note, you will keep the same number of activations.

    Your license key has 3 available activations in total.

  • Lily

    Hi Marco,

    Yes, you will keep the same number of activation even after the upgrade.

    The new number of seats for Capture One 21 is applied only for new users who did not have a Capture One license before and who make purchases after November 17, 2020.

  • Marcin Masłowski

    This is ridiculous.. got perpetual version Capture One 20 Fuji and got 2 licenses.. on 26th of Nov upgraded to fuji subscription model and bang.. only 1 license left.

    I don't like that licensing model at all.. the 2 devices limit was pretty ok - usually people have workstation and mobile device. For amator like me it's not worth investing into 2 licenses so probably will switch to something less expensive..

  • M G

    I just have to chime in here as a new user - ONE ACTIVATION IS RIDICULOUS! Who are you trying to rip off here? For real, what is your intend? Do you expect me to buy TWO licenses for my Desktop and Laptop? Not gonna happen! So the result is, I'm infuriated and will tell everyone that I wasted my money and to stay the fuck away from C1. If that was your intend, you delivered on all fronts! If you are so god damn greedy, just let me use just one at a time but one activation is a joke. I'm expecting you to change that and give everyone at least two activations.  


  • FirstName LastName

    This is cazy I was going to move from Lightroom as am now a Fuji shooter but I use a desktop and laptop when I travel so this is not going to work for me as I am not going to fork out for a pro version for double the price of Lightroom and Photoshop together just to use both computers. let me know if you change this and I might consider the swap again. 

  • FirstName LastName

    I am a brand new user.  After trialling C1P 21 and liking what I found I bought the Nikon dedicated annual subscription.  This is installed and running my iMAC.  This is fine when I am based in my office, however, I also travel overseas (when Covid allows us to do this again!!) and also use my laptop to give presentations at camera clubs and to do this I need to be able to run the same licence on the laptop - something I can and have done for several years with my Adobe Photographer's CC Suite.  I am just an individual so can only run one licence / computer at a time.  I am getting the impression from this thread that is is not currently possible with Capture One although I understand it used to be.  Please can I put in a strong request that this facility is made available (again) or tell me how I can do this.  It really is rather important.  I have a presentation to do over Zoom on Thursday 14th.  I was preparing to demonstrate Capture One and why I had decided to migrate to it but it now looks like I will have to rethink it and use Lightroom instead as I need to do this on my laptop in a different location to where my iMAC is installed.

  • Steve Wall

    How interesting. When I had my finger poised on the buy button for the full Sony version, I asked support if they would give me two seats, as I'd seen someone else on the forum claim they'd done for them and Julie in support politely refused, telling me it's no longer policy.

    Instead of clicking buy I said bye! 

    Maybe others have been doing the same and it's forced a rethink. 

  • Daniel Kapitan


    Given the confusion I wanted to check: if I buy the Fujifilm version with a perpetual license, will I be able to install it on a Mac and a Windows machine at the same time? It just so happens I run on different platforms (and in fact would prefer running C1 in Linux, but that's beside the point for now).

    Please could you clarify so I can proceed with my purchase.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Lily

    Hi Daniel,

    Capture One for Fujifilm allows 2 installations on 2 computers.

    After you purchase Capture One for Fujifilm, you will be able to use this license to activate Capture One both on your Mac and on Windows computers.

  • Daniel Kapitan

    thanks for clarifying, Lily!

  • frank melia

    Hi do I have to de-activate capture 21 from my main computer in order to use on my laptop


  • Deirdre Ryan

    I have a perpetual license from Capture Pro 10 and 11, if I want to upgrade to 21 what should I do?

  • Lily

    Hi Deirde,

    You have to go to this page -

    You will see the upgrade options for your license.

    Make sure that your machine meets the minimum system requirements for the latest software version of Capture One -


  • Jacob

    I haven't checked back here for a while but I see that the policy has been changed and I now have 2 licences again. Happy to see that, because C1 is by far my favorite product, but paying twice just to support my ideal workflow would be hard to justify!

  • Erica Martin

    I can't seem to activate on both my laptop and my desktop.  I am the only user, but need to use on both pieces of equipment.  I bought my license in October 2020.  It won't download to my laptop, and doesn't acknowledge my order history.   


    Can you please answer a query on how to manage/migrate my licenses for C1 given I have just acquired a new desktop?

    I purchased a Sony Perpetual licence for version 12 with a free upgrade to version 20 in Dec 2019. This is installed on my old desktop and a laptop. The licence code activation history shows

    22/05/2020  "Computer 1" activation
    13/12/2019  "Computer 2" activation
    10/12/2019  "Computer 1" activation
    10/12/2019  "Computer 3" activation

    As an aside I installed C1 only on two computers - so why 3 Computers?

    Now I wish to
    1. retain C1 v20 on my laptop
    2. trial C1 v20 on my new desktop (to check if intel UHD 630 graphics with 16GB is up to the job)
    and 3. if new desktop ok as at step 2, migrate licence permanently from old desktop to this new computer.

    I don't want to find that I lose an activation by bumbling through this process. So clear instructions would be appreciated.

    Also is moving my managed catalogue and images straightforward from old to new desktops straightforward?

    Thanks in advance


  • VDK


    As a commercial photographer of 15+ years, I have love/hated Capture One for sooo many reasons. This is one of them. 

    @CaptureOne - you do realize we are all professional photographers that need to use Capture One in studio/office AND location, right?

    Perhaps consult with some real photographers once in a while. Embarrassing.


  • David Kosmin

    I'm still confused by this. I am purchasing a second computer (a desktop for in the studio only). I currently have C1 21 on my laptop. Will I be able to have C1 21 installed and activated on both computers?

  • FirstName LastName

    Does mobile use count with the other 3 active slots or are they used independently?


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