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Do you provide support for Media Pro?



  • Roger Mastroianni

    I know you've discontinued Media Pro and I know it's not 64 bit. I also know that Phase One has done a terrible disservice to the photographic community by killing off this intuitive piece of cataloging software. The cataloging function of Capture One is useless and there is nothing else out there like Media Pro, I've sampled them all. I've used Media Pro for 15 yrs and now I'm left with a large collection of images that is impossible to manage. If you're not going to upgrade the software, why not give it to another developer that will.

  • Ken White

    I have used iView Media and MS Expressions for almost 23 years.  I have all my teaching files geared to my image catalogs for lectures to large audiences in a University.  I purchased a Media Pro 1 license in 2015.  What will I do when there is no tech support for Media Pro 1 in the future?  I do not want to convert everything to MS or Lightroom presentations in "slide" lectures.  I agree with the Roger Mastroianni comment.  Sell Media Pro propriety to another software developer so that my decades of archived lectures will still be useful.  --Ken White, RIT, Rochester, NY


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