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What's new in the Export (14.3.0)



  • Ruud vd Akker


    Why can't the Output tool tab exist next to the new exporter?
    Now it opens a new window every time I want to export or use control-D for export without knowing exactly what settings I am using.
    With the Output tooltab I just had to hit a single button for export with the settings at hand.
    Or am I missing something?


  • David Porter

    I'm with Ruud--the new export window in v14.3 is kludgy and poor interface design. The old output tab icon was located in a logical place and easy to access. I find the new window clutters the interface and adds an unnecessary layer of complexity.

  • Grum Robertson

    Dreadful…… Can I move the export Recipes, Location etc to the right hand side.

  • Scott Goodwin

    The fact that you can't export multiple file types and sub folders to one parent output folder is one of the worst changes Phase has ever made. It makes delivering files to clients at least 3X longer and way more susceptible to human error.  This makes running a fashion photo set so clunky and inefficient. Please make Capture One "PRO" again.....

  • Stef Lindeque

    Why get rid of the Batch Queue and Process History?! I've just exported 600 photos and two are missing. I don't know which two or why, so what's supposed to happen now? Redo all again, or check 600 images side by side to compare? Poor decisions by Phase here...

  • Viktor Popovic

    When I select by and try to export jpeg recipes, I get a non-descript error message "cannot export current selection" and nothing is exported

    WOM - write-only memory???



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