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Why are my images not exporting?



  • Alexandra Coulter

    I've worked through all these tips but unfortunately I continue to get the same error: could not process file.

    I'm not able to find any other suggestions or solutions to this problem. Any other solves??

  • David Lewis

    None of this has worked and it is really getting annoying that this program is unable to export panorama files with any consistency. I get the error message of "mask handle error - 61 - resMaskHandleError" then I have to close down the program because I am then unable to export any file even after clearing the history.

  • Peter Stranks


    I had the same thing happen when my hard drive was to full to take more images. After deleting old work and freeing up a lot of hard drive, I still got the error message that it still could not process.

    I quit capture and then went into the job's Session folder on my drive, and in the Capture folder, I deleted the Cache folder and emptied the trash on my Mac.

    I restarted the session and was able to process all my files!

    Such a relief. I hope it helps you.


  • Lily

    Hi Paul,

    First of all, click Stop and then Start again in the Batch tool.

    Try to check the location to which the images would be sent after processing.

    As an alternative, export images from the main menu File -> Export Images -> Variants.

    If that does not help, disable OpenCL from the Edit -> Preferences -> General -> Hardware Acceleration.

  • Paul Lee

    Disabling OPEN CL Worked!

     Hardware Acceleration Display: Auto, Processing: Never

    Thanks for the quick response! I spent about 6 hours trying to get this to work over the weekend. Please add this solution to the main article as an additional option.

  • Ryan Gill

    What the hell is going on with this, and where is the support?

    I am having the same issue all of a sudden, and I am now late on a deadline because nothing at all will fix this issue.

    I have cleared the cache. I have renamed the files. I have moved the files to a new location. I have tried starting an entirely new session after following all of the above steps. And still I get an error 'Could not process file' with absolutely no additional information. The .CR2 files are not corrupt and open fine into Photoshop.

    How about some assistance.

  • Rawl

    Thank you very much. I had the same problem with the batch queue, and a fix it by manually erasing the cache, as you recommended.

  • marcin pekalski

    Restarting the program fixed the issue.

  • Art Altman

    Today my up-to-date version of Capture One stopped exporting.  I used the tip above to clear the queue on my M1 Mac, and it worked!   Thank you for this information, without which I was helpless to fix the problem.

    NOW, how about getting your developers to fix the bug?

    Also have the exporter offer the user a clue when the export failed.  I got no error message at all; just nothing happened after I chose the export function.   

    Overall between trying and retrying, then experimenting with shutting down and restart, and then searching online desperately for an answer, I lost almost an hour of my time to this bug.  Please get it fixed or at least have C1 offer a helpful error message.

    Thank you.



  • Mihai Moiceanu

    I have the same problem, I do all the above requirements but stil the image is not processing. I have a window that said: Could not process file

  • Lily

    Hi Alexandra,

    Thank you for your question.

    Please, provide more details on which operating system and Capture One version (and also product variant) you currently use. Also, please let me know which file format are you trying to process. It would be great if you send a screenshot of the process recipe as well.

  • Lily

    Hi Mihal,

    I see that you have a notification "error loading adjustment mask". Which version of Capture One are you currently using?

    Also, I see that you have the icon Edit All Selected in grey (which means that it is disabled), so only the Primary Variant can be processed at a time.

  • marcin pekalski

    I have similar issue like David Lewis , "mask handle error - 61 - resMaskHandleError", the only difference is that I do not have a panorama but an image with 5 healing layers and that's all.

  • Bobby

    This is getting ridiculous. I think I may have to decide to go back to Lr. I can export other files from my session but only 1 DNG panorama file is giving the error. I am on Mac. I know if I can install C1 on my windows machine that it will work. So frustrating.

  • FirstName LastName

    Hi I am trying to export my images but it will not allow me to add a recipe. It will not let me do any high res images. how od I change this? it lets me select and then says it is not enabled

  • Kelly Rogers

    39 out of 380 found this helpful <-- not very good Capture One. I don't plan to renew.

  • Lily

    Hi Ryan,

    Which Capture One version are you currently using?

    Which product variant (Pro, Express, etc.) are you currently using?

    Files from which camera are there?

    What process recipe do you use?

    Have you tried to export the images? If yes, was there the same error appearing?

  • Paul Lee

    I'm having this problem too. I'm on Windows 10 and I can neither process or export a RAF file from my Fuji X100V files whether I make adjustments or not. I'm using Capture One 12 Pro  Fujifilm. It just sits there at 0.00s no matter how many images I have. All files are on my local hard drive.

  • Alex Pott

    Yeah harware acceleration is bugged or something.  Need to turn that off until it's fixed to avoid export errors.


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