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Capture One 20 (13.0.0) release notes



  • Klaus Peiffer

    Where will I find the downloadable version of the release-notes?

  • Bruce Miller

    Please send me a iink to download Capture One 20. I need a fresh install. thank you

    It is impossible to navigate to older versions- every link sends me to the latest Capture One 22, and I just want to reinstall my Capture One 20 for now, for which I have a perpetual license.



  • Klaus Peiffer

    When choosing Download (from within your profil) in the bottom you'll find the "Download the previous version of Capture One" Option. And there are listed all the previous versions with their download-links...

  • patrick engist

    Ich möchte Capture One 20 Fuji auf meinem neuen Laptop installieren. Ich finde die Capture One 20 Version nicht als Download.


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