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Capture One 20 (13.1.4) release notes



  • Fitz Michael

    this new update got bugs my signature don't work and it very laggy. going back to  13.1.3

  • Barry Justice

    I see no mention of any Window bug fixes and in "Known Issues" I see no mention of the healing brush bug that causes pixelization and bright flashing when zooming in.  This bug is a KNOWN ISSUE and has been around for months (since 13.1.1) affecting Mac and Windows computers and multiple different builds and configurations. 

    Has it been fixed?  If it has not been fixed will V-20 users get another update to fix it seeing that it originated in V-20 13.1.1 and has been carried over to V-21 without being resolved.

    Thank you,  I've been a C-1 user for years and the way this bug is being handled is really leaving a bad taste in my mouth.


  • Daniil Ermolchuk

    Totally agree with Barry.

    Very dissapointing issue with healing brush layer graphic artifacts is still present. Support says, that they know about this bug, but it seems to be ignored.



  • Ken Ng

    Will C1 20 ever be updated to support M1 natively? Or actual updates only goes on new versions every year and thus making C1 as good as needing to pay annual subscriptions?

    At this price, it seems that I get better value with Photoshop + Lightroom that supports all cameras RAWs

  • Dean Zagorac

    I installed this version on a new machine - Win 10 Pro 20H2 build 19042.1110. And it won't run. Tried disabling the firewall and other similar security features on the machine. It didn't help. When I try to run it, it appears for a second or two in the Task Manager then disappears and nothing happens. I couldn't find anything useful on the issue, so some assistance would be appreciated.


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