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Capture One 20 (13.1.0) release notes



  • Jeffery Harmon

    I just upgraded to the latest version of Capture One. Since upgrading Capture One is running very slow. When I went to import images it took 5 minutes for my files to show to upload, where before it was almost instantaneous.

    All of my previews are now blurry  and scrolling through the images is very slow and lagging.

  • SFA


    What has that got to do with Release notes?

  • TGS


    I had the same experience on a session with 6000 images.  It took quite a while to recreate the Previews - which I started manually because I was frustrated too.  When I looked at my iMac's Activity Monitor I saw that the CPU was maxed out with the Capture One process.  It did finally finish.

    I had another session with about 25 images, and it was like normal - basically instantaneous.

    I have not tried a catalog but expect the same.

  • Christian Blais

    "Editing images in external applications other than Adobe Photoshop might result in unexpected behavior."

    "Live View over USB can stall without the use of a repeater."

    I'll wait!

  • Agustín García García

    I just upgraded to the latest version of Capture One.

    I have a problem with the "Color Editor" tool. Every time I try to use it in "Advanced" mode or "skin tone" the tool closes and I can no longer use it.

    I hope that you can fix it.

  • David Hansford

    Using version 12 Pro for Fujifilm resulted in upgrade to Express 20. Not 20 for Fujifilm Pro.

  • Amir Shuja

    I just updated to Captureone pro 20
    Every thing is slowed down. It’s been a couple of hours and still previews not available. All blurry. Cannot upload any image at all. I uninstalled C1 pro and downloaded again, same issue !!! Cannot work on any files at all. Very disappointing. Need help to fix the issue asap please
    Thank you

  • Roberto Sacco

    after this update

    when I change the folder where I have stored the raw photo, the capture one crush

    no good ...

  • Marcelo Dias

    After the latest update, in Mac, I have had issues with the Skin Tone tool. After making a new layer for my skin tones and using the Skin Tone tool for my adjustments, if I click out of the layer, e.g. to the background, and then go back to the layer, all my settings disappear!

  • FirstName LastName

    Hello is possible User manual of Capture One in Spanish?

  • Francisco Rodriguez

    All these almost month long comments about the color editor and Mac OS is disappointing and frustrating I switched to Capture One from LR 3 months ago and after a month I said I’m never going back but these constant bugs with every Mac OS update that can be traced to the color editor tool and the lag on support for Mac OS is disappointing. I don’t run into these issues with any other software. I understand things might break due to OS updates and I can deal with it if the support team is responsive and development team acts quickly to remove bugs but can’t say this is true in my experience with Capture One. The responses saying we don’t support your current software and here’s a link to download the previous version of Capture One are dissatisfying.

  • Lily

    Hi FirstName LastName,

    Thank you for the comment.

    The User Guide is available in English only.

    However, I will take your request regarding the Spanish manual on board.

  • FirstName LastName

    Hello. thank's for the interest for the manual user in spanish.

    But the solution for the problem With Catalina and Capture One?? I can't use in the another computer with the tethering cable, I'm very disappointing



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