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Pixels on exported images



  • Henrik

    I have similar problems, even after turning off the hardware acceleration. My system is not the newest, but got some upgrades and works perfectly with the newest versions of Lightroom, Luminar and other programs. So, it seems to be an issue with CO1. 


    Really really annoying. And I do not get any help by the CO1 Team. The only thnig is the advice with the HA. But this does not solve the problem. Honestly, CO1 is not compatible with all systems and that is really a big issue.

  • Lily

    Hi Henrik,

    Please let me know which Capture One version do you have.

    Also, the photos from which camera models you are working with in Capture One,

    Thank you.

  • FirstName LastName

    The bad pixel issue is getting unbearable.  I used to be able to turn hardware acceleration off and it would solve the problem of white pixel artifacts being generated in my image exports.   But the most recent version of CaptureOne seems to be really broken.  I can turn off hardware acceleration but areas in which I have added heal or clone layers will still show bad pixels in the final output... even when hardware acceleration is turned off.

    I am wits end.    I have a MacBook Pro 2015 running Mojave.  And CaptureOne version is

    I have tried turning of hardware acceleration and rebooting.   But the problem crops up again as I am using healing layers.

  • Geoffrey Gunter

    FirstName LastName!!

    My setup
    Nikon Z6 - raw images
    MacBookPro 2014
    Big Sur 11.6
    Build (06e4877)

    I'm getting bright pixels on images in CO, and exports. Also, the bright pixel tracks with the frame to be in the same relative location, regardless if shot portrait or landscape. It's green when zoomed out, and bright white when zoomed in.

    This made me think it was the camera. However the raw (.NEF) image appears healthy and flawless when viewed in by Preview, prior to any editing. 

    Re-installed CO12, still same problem. I'm busy downloading a different file viewer (not Preview), in the hopes that I can confirm or deny the existence of the burnt pixel before it enters CO12.

    I actually sent my Z6 in to get a new sensor because of this, now I'm wondering if it's been CO12 the whole time.


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