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Capture One 21 (14.3.1) release notes



  • Thomas Telley

    The issue with copying layers/masks is unfortunately still there (macOS 11.5, .IIQ files).
    The bug can be clearly reproduced: As soon as you add another layer after a first copy operation and try to apply it again to several images, masks on existing layers are deleted.

  • uwe stolten

    Since version 14 the use of external editors s.a. Nik Collection, Afinity Photo and even Adobe began to be with problems for the re'import. 

    That was complaint about  by hundreds of users but never atendet to. Version 14.2. and 14.3 and now 14.3.1 have the same bugs and it seems you dont care. Moreover there are still always some issues with layers, layers dont show up in external editors ,brush- arrows getting lost,re import and export even more cumbersome,.workspace disapearing.Capture One  for me is usable as basic for my edtions but not complete anough to get the job done. Since therefore i depent very much on a bugfree editing with external aplications i ask you to take care of this. Otherwise CO becomes useless for me and i rather prefer to go back to Lightroom .

    I just wonder why  you have to be informed about all the shortcomings by users but not come across this by your developers a/o test teams . It is noticeable that even  your so-called ambassadors and instructors during their tutorial a/o demionstrations try to circumnavigate bugs.

    Your bluntness to inform about shortcomings and limitations as done  above shure does not comfort any user  but just let them know that you dont care not even in the near future.



  • Einar Fahey

    Capture One 21 (14.3. 1) is a service release containing new operating system support, new camera and lens support, important bug fixes, and the new service, Capture One Live BETA. Capture One Live is a new service that enables easy remote collaboration between photographers and their clients and partners.

  • P Morley

    Half way through a project and programme stopped exporting edited photos! Just getting a grey mass of noise when I try to export edited Fuji RAF files and export them as Jpegs.

    Have just downloaded the  14.3.1 update

    Any help or explanations. I've cleared all files and re-loaded. I've shut the programme down and re-started but just cannot get files to export. Am I missing something???

  • Debra Pook

    Has the exporting option not being in the tool bar been fixed yet? 

  • Kurt Smith

    When will support for Canon's RF70-200mm F2.8 L IS USM lens happen?

    Also to help improve performance, adding controls for scratch disk and memory allocation would be awesome!

    LOVE Capture One, I've closed my Adobe CC account and couldn't be happier.  

  • Maryna Sopilniak

    Hi Kurt, 

    Thank you for your comment.

    We are glad that you enjoy using Capture One. 

    I have forwarded your request to support this lens profile to the dedicated thread -

    Hopefully, your feedback contributes towards a future version of Capture One.

    Thanks again for the time you took to make Capture One better!

  • Pastor Mosquera Mateus

    El objetivo Sigma Art 85mm. f1.4 sony E es considerado como uno de los mejores en su focal y no está en los compatibles?

  • FirstName LastName

    The program is very slow. In the Windows 11 version, acceleration does not work.

  • Adrian Fox

    I have Capture One 21 installed on a MacBook Pro and wish to upgrade my iMac from Capture One 11

    to the same (21). I have installed it but it will not open Library ??


    Adrian Fox


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