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Canon wireless tethering setup guide



  • FirstName LastName

    Hello is there a video on how to connect the Eos R to capture one 22 like the R5 video.

  • FirstName LastName

    Hi there, I own a Canon R5 C and I was wondering if you had any info about using the WFT-R10 for livestreaming. At the moment, the network settings aren't available with the standalone camera in video mode, and as you may already know, the R5 C has a totally different video settings from the R5. There's absolutely no info on the internet about this and I've been going nuts in the last month or so since getting the camera on how to livestream video during sports events. 



  • Miguel Jardine

    Well, I toasted a couple of hours connecting my EOS R to Capture One and taking a shot. Just 'cause you can do something doesn't you CAN do it. This is one of those cases where the theory and the marketing sound a lot better than the reality/practice of the thing. In a word, this is S.......L......O......W. The quoted 10 seconds is generous at best.

    I don't necessarily blame Capture One. The R is limited to 2.4GHz wifi which is itself slow. Unless Capture One employs some amazing compression algorithms or develops a new network protocol, my recommendation is to get yourself a trusty ol' USB cable.

  • Piotr Tutka

    Hello, I have a problem with capture one 22 PRO
    The program cannot see my cameras in WiFi connection.
    It's about Canon eos R6 and 5D mark IV cameras
    The Eos Utility software can see the cameras but capture one communicates that there is no connection possible, the message "no lens information" is written in the C1 menu. Both cameras are affected

    Important, do everything as instructed...

  • 潇雨 姚


  • Cindy Feingold

    I recently purchased a Canon R5 mirrorless camera. I am having difficulty tethering to Capture One wirelessly to my laptop. When I connect the cable to the camera I am able to tether wired. 

    Here is a screenshot of the error message. It also tells me that there is no lens information.The lens is attached properly and I can tether wired, just not wirelessly. Can anyone help me??? Thanks


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