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Sony wireless tethering setup guide



  • Benjamin Kim

    Too slow to use. With A7IV, it takes around 10 sec to transfer one image. 

  • Jack Williams

    Benjamin Kim What's your setup look like? I had a somewhat frustrating experience when I had a wall between myself and the router and was shooting in the highest quality RAW format. I had a better experience when connecting the camera directly to the iPad (not using the router) and shooting in RAW + JPEG – the JPEGs came in as quick as they would display on the back of the camera and I felt like I could shoot more confidently.

  • Joshua Smith

    I've since switched to Hasselblad as my primary studio camera, but I briefly shot (~10 shoots) wireless tether using my Sony A1 using pretty much all compression types and sizes. If your camera has it, make sure to switch to 5GHz wifi. My A1 was transferring medium and small RAW images to Capture One in less than 3 seconds, and about 5-7 seconds for compressed RAW. My A7C on the other hand averages around 10 seconds even with 5GHz enabled.

    Needless to say, I really like this feature, and hoping Capture One expands to include any camera that can connect to your computer via WiFi. 


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