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Capture One 22 (15.2.0) release notes



  • Kassur

    Still no speed improvements for Intel Macs? Metall support?



    I search a way to update to macOS 12.2. Only macOS 12.3.1 is available now....

    Thank you!

  • Brad Hill

    I am surprised (and disappointed) that support has not yet been added for the High Efficiency and High Efficiency* raw formats of the Nikon Z 9. Lightroom has had it for several months. Any hints as to when we may expect it?

  • Orlando Sydney

    Will this update Reset the custom tool bar and Tool Sets like the other updates? 

  • Tom Jäger

    I've been waiting to update Mac OS for over 2 months because Capture One didn't support Mac OS 12.2. Now you do, but 12.2 is outdated and not even available anymore. We're at 12.3.1.

    You must be joking!

  • Derek Martin

    Very very disappointed as I upgraded as instructed now it reports the error that my license key has been deactivated on both my Mac and MacBook Pro so I am unable to use the software.

    Either sort it or give me a refund and I will find an alternative!!!


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