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Importing a Capture One Catalog



  • Faisal Shah

    Not available in express versions? I can only see option to import MP or LR catalogue? Thanks.

  • Lily

    Hi Faisal,

    Thank you for the comment.

    In Capture One Express, there is no option to import Capture One Catalog by design. This option is available in Capture One Pro and brand versions.

  • Ramon B Rodriguez

    The note says: "However, when there are source images located within the imported catalog as managed files, those are not imported but remain inside the original Catalog."

    My question is exactly that, how can I import a catalog in that situation, from my laptop to my desktop, including adjustments, labels, keywords, and so on.


  • Lily

    Hi Ramon,

    Thank you for your question.

    Relocating a Catalog depends on whether it has a managed or a reference file option.

    Managed Catalogs (with images stored inside it) can be easily moved from one computer to another, while the procedure is a bit more complex for referenced Catalogs.

    Please, have a look at this article for more details - How to move a Catalog?


  • EIW    how to move a Catalog 

    that link isn't working .........HTTP Error 400.  The page isn't working.

  • Juan Suarez

    Hi, Lily, I need to import a catalog from Mac to windows, I have a backup of this catalog made in Macbook pro, but I don't have a Mac currently, I have a notebook with windows

  • Henk Peter

    "The Catalog is imported in the background so that you may continue to work."

    I try to import the C1 Year 2023 catalog to the "all years" C1 catalog but all I see is a rotating beachball. I have the "all years" catalog on the SSD of a MacBook pro with 23000+ referenced images on two external SSD's. The "Year 2023" catalog also resides on one of the SSD's with it's referenced 3000+ images.

    Did I miss something?

  • Jure Ursic

    Hey Hank

    I have exactly the same problem only that all my RAW files are on external drive and catalogs on the computer drive. When i try to combine 2 catalogs it start rendering something but as soon as dialog box appear "which variants i want to keep" the process stop. When I select any of the options from dialog box it render only folder structure but not the images and previews. Im not sure what I'm doing wrong..

    I follow this process step by step and no images been added from catalog that i want to import only folder structure and user collections without images.

    Did you figure out in your case what was the solution?

    Many thanks!


  • Henk Peter

    Hi Jure,

    Sorry for reacting so late. The problem was not enough room for all the combined data on the internal drive so I got a new external SSD which I dedicated to the C1 catalogs and then I succeeded in combining the two catalogs.

    Hope this helps



  • heidi laub

    Hi -

    I have imported several C1 catalogs successfully, but when I encounter the pop up that asks which duplicate file to keep (Existing, Imported, All, Stop), the import halts without any error message. I have tried moving catalogs, verifying and repairing ... and nothing works. Albums do all come in - just not populated with any images!

    Thanks for any help!



  • Simon Tregidgo

    I'm having the same problem as Heidi laub and hen Peter. Have raised a ticket, #237261


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