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Controlling keyword libraries on export



  • Steve Hughes

    This is very useful information. 

    I'm a relatively new convert to C1 from Lightroom [LR] and I have a question related to excluding specific keywords on export.
    I've imported and started to use the free global list from the "Lightroom Keyword List Project". This includes high-level categories with Tilde symbol in front of them. In LR, any keyword with this symbol as part of the word is not included on export.
    So you have, for example…
    The result is that only 'Animal, 'Fish' and 'Pike' are exported as keywords with the image.
    In C1 the Tilde symbol is not ignored, so the result is that you get "~WHAT, Animal, Fish, Pike.
    Is there a way to exclude the Tilde symbol or replace it with something that won't be exported? 
    Steve Hughes
  • Lily

    Hi Steve,


    Thank you for your comment.

    There is no character or symbol that acts as an "omit" indicator signifying that certain keywords should be excluded on export.

    Your suggestion on the exclusion of keywords on export is reasonable, I will forward it to the Product Management team as well.

    Here is the Community post discussion on the same topic, so it might be of interest to you -

    Best regards,



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