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How to delete Metadata saved suggestions



  • Phrank

    can't find it on my Mac – does anybody have a solution for Mac?

  • FirstName LastName

    Is there a way on mac to delete only selected suggestions? 

  • Sergi Salillas

    Mac instructions are at the bottom of the article, article updated so is clearer where the Mac instructions are. Thanks for the input! Phrank

  • FirstName LastName

    Thank you @Sergi! But I rather would like to delete not all suggestions but only a few selected ones. It is made clear that the terminal command deletes ALL suggestion for a metadata field. Is there no solution for the equivalent on windows as described in the first part of this article? 

  • FirstName LastName

    Since it bothered way over the limit that the completions were not adjustable on mac, I dived depper into this topic. With the suggested solution in this article, one was only able to delete all completions on mac. I didn't find a way to edit the completions equivalent to Windows, but with the terminal command 

    defaults write com.captureone.captureone16 content_description_METADATA_COMPLETIONS <ARRAY>

    I was able to overwrite the saved completions, in this case for the metadata field description in IPTC-Content. If you don't know what your entry for the completion of a metadata field is called, just type 

    defaults read com.captureone.captureone16

    to see all the defaults for CaptureOne and search for the key you want to change. 

    NOTE: This works for CaptureOne 23, sinc it's the version 16.x. With older versions you want to find out what version number you are using ("About Capture One" in the top menu bar) and replace the general version number. With CaptureOne 21 for example it would be version 14.x and therefore com.captureone.captureone14. 

  • woefi

    Sad that you still have to use terminal commands for a basic user task...

    Well, I took the suggestions of the former poster for "defaults read"ing the settings file and expanded it to only display the actual METADATA_COMPLETIONS without the other lines:

    defaults read com.captureone.captureone16 | grep -i -A1 "completions"

    this grep command will look case in-sensitive for all occurencies of the word "completions" and display it in context of <1> trailing line, which should be the actual metadata completion that you entered in the app.


      "contact_websites_METADATA_COMPLETIONS" =     (

    edit: I now see, if there can be more than one word for each field, so you have to increase the number of trailing lines as in this command -A1 becomes -A3 or -A5

    full command:

    defaults read com.captureone.captureone16 | grep -i -A5 "completions"

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