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Change capture time – modifying EXIF data



  • kristoffer paulsen

    Hey guys, 

    Is there a way to adjust capture time across multiple files by a set duration of time? For example if I want to add 1 hour to a bunch of files, rather than change them all to one time?

    For example if I've shot a whole bunch of things without adjusting for day light savings time etc?




  • Jack W

    kristoffer paulsen Hi Kristoffer, this is possible. 

    First of all, make sure you have Edit All Selected Variants ticked under the "Image" option in the top menu bar.

    Highlight the images you wish to change the capture time of, by selecting them individually or using Ctrl/Cmd+A, right-click and then select "Change Capture Time" - if you adjust the capture time by 1 hour, then the rest of the images you have selected will also be adjusted by an hour.

  • Sean

    Hi, is this feature available in "Capture One 23 Express (for Sony)" - build I'm able to edit the date under metadata, but the exported image still shows the original camera date. 

  • Fanjan Combrink

    Is it possible to view/edit the timezone of the files?


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