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  • mauro chiostrini

    non riesco a collegare sony ilce-7rm2 con capture one 20

  • Alessandro Negrini

    Capture One 20 don't see my a7III connect by tether tool cable (USB 3.0 - usb-c) and I can't shoot in tethering.why?

  • Lily

    Hi Alessandro,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Sony a7 III is supported in Capture One starting from version 10.2.1, please make sure that you have this version or a newer one.

    Also, update the camera firmware to the latest one.

    You may find these articles helpful as well:

    Reconnecting a camera

    Tethering problems

  • studio

    Hi Lily,


    is there a chance for a default setup to save pictures to Capture One and the CFe Card simuntaniously?

    Otherwise I'd have to remember changing it every time I start C1 and the chance to forget is very high ;-)

    Thanks for your help.


  • Martin Kofod

    How can I save these settings, so they apply per default every time I start up a new Capture One project?

  • FirstName LastName

    There used to be a dropdown for the ISO, shutter speed and aperture... what happened to that? The new interface sucks. Nobody wants to click + or - a bunch of times. 


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