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Copying and applying a crop to images



  • FirstName LastName

    kinda retarded having a 3.2 Mb image on a webpage

  • Piotr Celary

    It doesn't work in C1 Pro (Nikon) - doesn't apply any crop this way

  • Timothy Cheshire

    C1 Pro Sony - It will not copy the crop to more that the first 2-5 images even though 50+ are highlighted.  Mucho annoying having to copy the crop in small batches.  Surely a bug.

    For those who ask "why so many?", Focus Stacking.

  • FirstName LastName

    OK so you go from "Make sure the Edit All Selected Variants is selected in the toolbar or from the Image menu. " to Press the small double-ended arrow icon. A dialog box will appear." and don't tell us where to find the small double-ended arrow icon? C'mon. Please help.

  • skybow

    It is still not working for C1 (Nikon) with Version (although I assume, that C1P uses the same App as C1(Nikon) and distinction is done via licence?)


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