How many computers can I install Capture One on?



  • Jay RayMe

    Am I the only one finding it utterly insane that we're loosing 1 activation seat by purchasing v21?
    I mean I love Capture One but I use the Sony version and need to be able to use it on my desktop and laptop (ie 2 activation seats) without having to deactivate/reactivate it each time I switch computers.
    Any chance this very strange decision gets reversed?
    I'm probably not going to be the only customer you're going to loose if you implement that downgrade.

    [edit] : does that note in the beginning means it's only the case for first time purchase? Meaning people upgrading from v20 will keep their 2 activation seats?
    Trying to kill the brand versions maybe?

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  • Lily

    Hi Jay,

    You will have the same number of activation seats for Capture One (for Sony) license as previously.

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  • Federico Deri

    Is it the same for users coming from C1-20 all cameras?

    I mean, I currently have 3 computers activated on my C1-20 (studio + desktop workstation + notebook), how many computers will I be able to activate if I upgrade to C1-21?

    Just 2 with boring need to activate/deactivate continuosly or will I mantain my current 3 activations?




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