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How to synchronize folders in Catalogs



  • Twan Dieltjes

    When I use this synchronize option, capture one does not add or mention new added subfolders which includes pictures.

    Is this by design?

  • Lily

    Hi Twan,

    When you use the Synchronize option, only the contents of the selected folder and known subfolders (that were imported initially) will be updated.

    If you want to import new subfolders, go to the Import dialog again, checkmark the Include Subfolders option and the Exclude Duplicated option. That way only new subfolders and new files will be imported into a Catalog.

  • Sergey Zhirnov

    It does not work how it must! It's a very stupid function! My library missed files from album and when I use this function to try return them, it find files start to import them, but missed files stay in album... 

  • Thomas Dengler

    Why does the sync folder function not include variants? Variants from a session are imported, but cannot be synchronized later, e.g. if a new variant is created or a variant is deleted. Seems like a bug to me.

  • Lily

    Hi Thomas,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Please note that this function works for source images only, in case those were added to the referenced folder.

    Meanwhile, variants denote the virtual representation of images together with the settings applied in Capture One tools. It means that variants are not stored physically anywhere, so they cannot be synchronized.

  • Natalie OMoore

    On older iterations of Capture One, folders auto-synced with the folders on my computer. Why is that no longer an option? It's really inconvenient to have to do it all manually. 

  • Benjamin Kim

    I'm not 100% clear about this feature. What does it do and how does it help? Does it allow catalog to organize all sessions?

  • Jay

    When I go to synchronize any folder in my catalogue, it is greyed out. Why is it not available? The "Locate" feature is also greyed out. Does this indicate something is wrong with the way I have set up my catalogue?

  • Kalin Tabov

    C1 Help Team, please do notice the EXTREMELY low rate of helpfulness of this and many other articles. In this one, 41 people out of 51 people hit the NO button, answering the question "Was this helpful". Here is another one coming your way... Many times, when I go to read a help article, I have to read it again and again, and it doesn't get better. It is very frustrating. Ultimately, I submit a ticket or ask the community. It shouldn't be like that. 

  • Cory

    Synchronize Folder no longer removes images that have been externally removed. Up to date software

    Its very frustrating because sometimes I go back with a raw viewer to clean up some space on my hard drive and now it isn't syncing to remove the externally deleted images. Please don't take 2 months to ask if my software is up to date again. 

  • Dirk Schwaderlapp

    I have the same problem like Cory wrote. PLEASE HELP - Time ist money !

  • Lubos TOMAN

    I have the same problem with remove missing images. Why this function does not work when sync? (C1 - 15.4. MAC OS)



  • Lawrence Coleman

    I have used Lightroom for years, and now I have used CO for years, yet I find the CO articles to be frustratingly ambiguous.  This article begins with "When changes have been made to a referenced folder (such as adding new images to the folder through Finder/Explorer) the Catalog can be updated using the Synchronize Folder option."  

    Already I am stymied with questions like: What is meant by "updating the catalog"?  And then: What happens when I "synchronize the folder"?  I am loathe to synchronize when I don't know what will happen to my images.  I am used to using Chronosync to synchronize two folders but here there are no obvious two of anything to synchronize. Terminology is being used without any explanation of those terms.  

    Looking for a little help here.



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